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Stocking Fillers for Babies: Your Baby Christmas Gift Guide

Do you have a special baby in your life who you would like to spoil at Christmas? Is it your baby’s first Christmas, or is there a special baby niece, nephew, grandchild, or friend in your life who you will be buying for this Christmas? Here at Baby and Mumma Gifts, we have you covered with a whole lot of adorable stocking filler ideas for babies this Christmas. As the gifting expert behind Baby and Mumma Gifts, I’ve put together this whole post to be your guide for stocking filler gift ideas for babies.

Please note: Australia Post cut off dates for order with regular post is the 18th of December within Australia, the 15th of December for WA, and the 14th of December for NT. We recommend Express shipping in December to ensure your gifts arrive on time. Please see Australia Post’s announcement for details here.

Stocking Filler Gift Ideas for Babies this Christmas:

These bibs are new to our store, and our customers just love them! They are handmade by the wonderful Maple and Peach, and have the most beautiful designs. My personal favourite is the construction print for a little boy, or the dinosaur print for a little girl. These make great dribble bibs for a baby who spits up a lot, or a baby who dribbles a lot. The backs are made with quality terry towelling, so will keep baby dry, and the front has the adorable designs you can see in the pictures.

2) Bunny

Every baby needs a bunny. These adorable bunnies from ES Kids have been some of our most popular bunnies ever since we first bought them. They are cute, cuddly, and make the perfect toy for a baby or toddler to keep and cherish. Available in pink, blue, or grey.

Books make wonderful stocking fillers for babies. Reading to babies is so important, even from the newborn days. Reading helps with baby’s language development, future literacy development, and helps them to learn about the world. I’ve selected a few of my favourite books here, including Each Peach Pear Plum, an adorable story for babies that will remain special for throughout childhood.

When babies are too small to be able to play with any toys, clothing makes a great gift. It’s something the new parents will appreciate and use. If you’re buying for your own baby, you can find something adorable for your baby that will last long past Christmas day. My absolute favourite clothing gift set is this adorable Bear set from Purebaby. If you’re looking for something more practical, the Purebaby Growsuits also make a cute and practical option.

Baby rattles make some of the best Christmas gifts for babies. Babies can play with and enjoy rattles from a young age. The sounds, textures, colours and movement of rattles make them engaging for babies, even when they are too small to play with other toys. A rattle is a great gift for a baby, as they can enjoy it from their newborn days. We have some super adorable designs, including this gorgeous bunny rattle. Plus, rattles are great for baby’s sensory and motor development. Check out our blog post on baby rattles here:

Note: Always remember to supervise young babies when they are playing with rattles and don’t leave them in the baby’s sleep space.

6) Musical Penguin:

I love the Musical Penguin for two reasons. Firstly, it is super cute and cuddly for babies and toddlers, and secondly, it plays music for the baby. When you’re looking for a great stocking filler for a baby, the musical penguin ticks all the boxes. The Musical Penguin is made with knitted cotton material, and has a string pull tail to start the music. The Musical Penguins come in three colours, pink, grey, and blue. Just check out how adorable they are.

7) Socks

No Christmas Gift Guide list would be complete without socks. Babies are a little different from other family members in that they outgrow their socks really fast, and they are constantly pulling them off. So if you are looking for a small and practical gift to give to a special baby in your life, socks are a great place to start. We have Purebaby cotton socks in stock in blue, grey and pink. Each comes in a little box, making them the perfect presentation for a gift.

Comforters are a great gift for babies, as they will continue to be used for a long time. Our adorable Koala comforter from Purebaby is just adorable. They are wonderful for babies as they are cute, cuddly, and easy for babies to hold and feel the texture of. They can also keep them well into childhood.

Note: It is not recommended for babies to have comforters in their sleep space during the first year of life.

For an older baby, a rubber teether can make a great Christmas gift. When babies start teething, they can experience sore gums and a desire to chew on everything. Many parents find a teether to be helpful, as they provide something soft and sensory for the baby to chew on, and can help relieve some of the discomfort associated with teething. Our super cute Koala

Teether is not only adorable, it is also helpful for a teething baby. When the baby isn’t teething, it can be used as a sensory toy for baby to play with. You can purchase one here.

Note: Always supervise babies when using a teether.

10) Bow headband

For a baby girl, a little headband is something small and cute you can add to a Christmas gift as a stocking filler. Many parents love dressing their babies in adorable outfits with a headband. I just love our headbands from Purebaby with a little bow on the top. They are made in small sizes just for babies up to 6 months. We have a floral print and a pink print both in stock. Check out how cute they are!

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