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Baby Shower Hampers for Australian Mums

Looking for the best Baby Shower Gift ideas for an Australian Mum? We've got you covered!

Baby showers are a special time for you to spoil the mum-to-be in your life and ensure she gets everything she needs for her baby. Here at Baby and Mumma Gifts, we do things a little bit different, we focus on the wellbeing of the mother, and place her needs at the front. Baby showers often focus on all the baby gadgets the new mum needs, from cots, to prams, to baby outfits. Sometimes the new mum and her own needs can be forgotten among all the gifts focusing on baby. So if you want to give a baby shower gift with a difference, check out our suggestions and our Baby Shower Hampers!

Shop our Baby Shower Hampers Below:

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Baby Shower Hampers for Australian mums

Here at Baby and Mumma Gifts, we love Baby Showers and Baby Show Hampers! When you’re looking for the perfect baby shower gift, a baby shower hamper is something extra special, something that is filled with lovely items for both mum and baby!


We offer two options for our Baby Shower Gift Hampers, you can either choose a baby shower hamper from our curated collection, here, or you can build your own! With our Build your own option, choose a sized box and you can fill it with any of the gorgeous items we have available.

Baby Shower Hampers from our curated collection:


1. New Mum Hamper:

We all know that baby showers are full of gifts for babies, but we like to also appreciate mum. Filled with beautiful items just for new mums during pregnancy and postpartum, this gorgeous baby shower hamper is perfect for when you want to spoil the new mum instead.

2. Signature Mum and Baby Hamper (pink, blue or grey):

Our Signature Mum and Baby Hampers make the perfect Baby Shower Hamper. These baby shower hampers are extra special, as they are packed with items that are for both mum and baby. The adorable bunny, zip jumpsuit, cream and a book for baby make for a lovely, traditional baby shower gift, but the addition of gorgeous items for mum is what makes this baby shower hamper extra special. We’ve spared no expense in putting together everything mum needs. The lactation biscuits, belly balm, postpartum healing soak, and a beautiful hand poured candle mean that mum is spoilt as well as baby. If you’re looking for an extravagant baby shower hamper, this is the perfect one.

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Nursing balm breastfeeding nipple cream the physic garden breastfeeding lactation supply s

Baby Shower Hamper Ideas

​3. Mum and Bub Hampers (in pink or blue)

Mum and Bub Hampers make perfect baby shower hampers as they balance gifting for both mum and baby. With nursing balm and belly balm for mum, and a romper, fragrance free baby soap, and a rattle for baby, this baby shower hamper caters for both. These have remained among our most popular baby shower hampers since we launched them in 2022.

4. Welcome Baby  Hampers (in pink, blue, or grey)

The Welcome Baby Hampers are an all time favourite among all our baby shower hampers. These provide excellent value and give new mums so many of the things they need for their new babies. Included in this beautiful baby shower hamper is

5. A breastfeeding support hamper:

Many mothers know the struggles of the early days of breastfeeding. Learning to breastfeed can be challenging, uncomfortable, and extremely time consuming. With this in mind, we’ve put together a special baby shower hamper filled with products to help new mums along their breastfeeding journey. Each item in this baby shower hamper has been selected to make the lives of breastfeeding mothers easier. Included in this baby shower hamper is: hot and cold soothing reusable breast pads, reusable nursing pads, nursing balm, a silicone breast pump milk saver, and a box of Franjos Kitchen’s favourite lactation biscuits. This makes the perfect baby shower hamper for a mum-to-be who is passionate about breastfeeding.

6. A Baby Essentials Hamper:

This is the traditional baby shower hamper that every new mum needs! Filled with nappies, wipes, clothing, skincare and more for both baby and mum, this baby shower hamper has been designed to meet all the needs of a new mum and baby in the early days. The most practical of all our baby shower hampers, this one makes the perfect baby shower gift, as you know every single item will be used time and time again.

7. A postpartum support hamper:

Anyone who has had a baby knows the struggles of the postpartum recovery period. With so many changes in the body of the new mum, it can be a challenging time. We’ve put together a baby shower hamper filled with items just to help new mums with their recovery. With soothing hot and cold gel packs, healing postpartum sitz bath, nursing and belly balms, and more, this makes a baby shower hamper that is nourishing and beautiful for the mum-to-be during her most vulnerable time.

8. A New Baby Hamper (in pink, blue, or grey)

When you’re looking for a simple baby shower hamper for a special mum-to-be, this one could be perfect for you. With a romper, an adorable animal rattle, and a lovely board book for mum and baby to share, this one makes a lovely, traditional baby shower hamper. You could write a special note in the book for the mum-to-be and baby, or just gift with the handwritten card included in all our baby shower hampers.

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Raising you baby journal baby gift new mum gift shepparton melbourne baby shower gift baby
9. A New Mumma Relaxation Hamper:

We all know that having a baby can be challenging, and many new mums and mums-to-be struggle to find the time for self-care and relaxation. Our New Mumma Relaxation Hamper makes a lovely baby shower hamper to help the new mum prioritise self-care and recovery. Included is a box of lactation biscuits, calm balm, essential oils, a selection of lovely herbal tea, and more.

10. Just for Mum Hamper:

This lovely baby shower hamper makes a gorgeous gift for a special mum-to-be. The special mum-to-be will love these products at the end of her pregnancy and during her postpartum period. Included in each is a belly oil, to assist with stretch marks and skin elasticity, a healing postpartum sitz bath, a wheat bag, a handmade scrunchie, and a beautiful scented candle. This one is sure to make the mum-to-be feel special on the day of her baby shower and beyond.

11. A Build your own Baby Shower Hamper:

If you want to create something special and personalised to what the special mum-to-be in your life wants and needs, a build your own baby shower hamper is perfect. Choose the sized box you need, and then select as many items as you like from our collection of beautiful baby shower gift items for mum and baby. This way you get to purchase exactly what the new mum wants, and waste nothing. It’s a lovely way to create a personalised baby shower hamper, while taking the hard work out of the creation.

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Products to make your own Baby Shower Hamper:

Individual products for your own Baby Shower Hamper:​

If you want to put together a baby shower hamper yourself at home, you can purchase any of our beautiful products and put them together in your own personalised way at home, ready for the baby shower. We’ll put them together in a shipping box for you, and wrap any breakable items in wrapping and tissue paper, and you can put them in a lovely gift box or basket, or wrap them up just for the lovely mum-to-be on her baby shower.


Here are some of our most popular baby shower gift items:


  1. Lactation cookies:

One of the most important things for new mums to have is snacks! Lactation biscuits make a wonderful snack, and great addition to any baby shower gift. Not only are they delicious, they are also nutritious and specially formulated for breastfeeding mums.


2. Bump Skincare:

New mums and Mums-to-be need specialist skincare to care for a growing bump, and to keep them feeling like they are glowing and beautiful. We have put together a range of beautiful skincare just for new mums and mums-to-be, which have been specially formulated to be safe and effective for use during pregnancy, postpartum, and breastfeeding.

3. A baby book

Baby books make a special keepsake for mum and baby. The Letters to My Baby book is our personal favourite, designed for mum to write letters to baby with special memories, as a special keepsake to treasured forever. We also have baby books for baby girls and baby boys.

4. Zip Jumpsuits:

Everyone who has had a baby knows that the best clothing item is the zip jumpsuit! No press studs, no fiddly outfits, just a jumpsuit for every day. Here you can shop our zip jumpsuits, as well as other baby clothing items from Purebaby.

5. Nappies:

There is a reason nappies are the most traditional baby gift! New mums will always be using nappies. If you’re making your own baby shower hamper at home, a lovely idea is to write encouraging, or funny, messages on the nappies, so when the new parents are changing babies nappies, they will see your lovely messages, have a laugh, and feel the love and support you gave them on the day of their baby shower.

6.  Knitted beanie and bootie set (in pink, blue, or neutral)

A beautiful hand-knitted beanie and bootie set for baby, to be kept as a keepsake and family heirloom. This beautiful hand-knitted set is made from environmentally friendly Tencel material, and is perfect for keeping baby nice and warm, as well as being perfect for photo opportunities.

7. Hooded towel

Hooded towels make the cutest baby shower gifts. What could be cuter than a gorgeous baby in a hooded towel? We've got three gorgeous colours, blue, pink or grey.

8. Books

Books are one thing babies can never have too many of! We know that reading to babies is very important from a young age, and we just love kids books! Our favourite books are: Each Peach Pear Plum, Kissed by the Moon, and Ten Little Fingers, Ten Little Toes.

 9. Healing Postpartum sitz bath

A lovely relaxing and nourishing bath soak for new mums to assist with their postpartum recovery. This item just for mum makes a wonderful addition to a baby shower hamper.

10. Postpartum and breastfeeding essentials:

Why not put some practical items for mum into your baby shower hamper? From Breast pump milk savers, to peri bottles, these practical items will be appreciated by the mum-to-be when her baby is born.

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Build your own Baby Shower hamper

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Baby Shower Ideas

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