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Best Baby Shower Gift ideas

Looking for the best Baby Shower Gift ideas for an Australian Mum? We've got you covered!

Baby showers are a special time for you to spoil the mum-to-be in your life and ensure she gets everything she needs for her baby. Here at Baby and Mumma Gifts, we do things a little bit different, we focus on the wellbeing of the mother, and place her needs at the front. Baby showers often focus on all the baby gadgets the new mum needs, from cots, to prams, to baby outfits. Sometimes the new mum and her own needs can be forgotten among all the gifts focusing on baby. So if you want to give a baby shower gift with a difference, check out our suggestions!

Here are our top baby shower gift ideas for Australian mums:

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Best Baby Shower Gift ideas for Australian mums

1. A new Mum Hamper

Make your own New Mum Hamper as a baby shower gift with all the postpartum care items a new mum needs, or purchase one of our gorgeous New Mum Hampers ready made! Think about all the things a new mum in the first few weeks of having a baby (long after her baby shower and opening her baby shower gifts!), and put them together into a new mum hamper. You could include things like: Breastfeeding essentials, snacks, lactation biscuits, postpartum skincare, scrunchies, and heat packs. Check out our postpartum care items for ideas

2. Breastfeeding essentials

Breastfeeding essentials such as Nursing Balm, silicone breast pump milk saver, hot and cold reusable gel pack, or some reusable breast pads. These items are very useful for a new mum wishing to breastfeed, and make perfect gifts for baby showers.

3. Aromatherapy diffuser

An aromatherapy diffuser is a wonderful gift for both mum and baby. An aromatherapy diffuser can be used with essential oils to create a calming environment in the house for mum and baby. Many use diffusers to promote sleep for baby and relaxation for mum, making it the perfect baby shower gift idea for mum.

4. Lactation Biscuits

One of the most important things for new mums to have is snacks! Lactation biscuits make a wonderful snack, and great addition to any baby shower gift. Not only are they delicious, they are also nutritious and specially formulated for breastfeeding mums.

5. Bath Salts and soaks

New mums always need more time for relaxation and recovery. Bath salts and soaks are a great way to encourage the new mum to have some me-time. Add them to your baby shower gift.

6. Scented candles

Scented candles are essential to any gift for any occasion. Why not add some to a baby shower gift?

7. Body Lotion

A lovely body lotion is excellent for both mum and baby. Help mum with the pregnancy and postpartum dry skin with this luxurious body lotion, which can also be used for baby.

8. Welcome Baby Hamper; in pink, blue or grey

A welcome baby hamper has been designed just for new mums to be the perfect baby gift. Including in these gorgeous hampers are a romper, crochet blanket, muslin wrap, bib, and adorable animal rattle. With everything a new mum needs, a Welcome Baby Hamper makes a treasured baby shower gift.

9. A baby book

Baby books make a special keepsake for mum and baby. The Letters to My Baby book is our personal favourite, designed for mum to write letters to baby with special memories, as a special keepsake to treasured forever. We also have baby books for baby girls and baby boys.

10. Baby clothing

Baby clothing makes a super cute and super practical baby shower gift idea. Buy clothing of a variety of sizes, including a few bigger sizes, as babies outgrow their clothing so quickly in the early days. A mix of cute and practical baby clothing makes a great baby shower gift.

11. Nappies, wipes and practical items

Our Baby Essentials hamper is a special mix of essential items for mums and babies with everything they need for the early days of having a baby. Essential items such as nappies, wipes, bibs, clothing, creams and nursing balm make lovely gifts, and are all included in the Essentials hamper making it a lovely baby shower gift.

12. Silicone breastfeeding necklace

Silicone breastfeeding necklaces are a wonderful gift for a mum-to-be who wants to breastfeed. Silicone breastfeeding necklaces, such as these in Sunrise, Rainbow, or Scandi Pastels, designs are designed to engage the baby during feeding and help avoid distractions while feeding. A stylish and practical baby shower gift.

13. New Mum Relaxation Hamper

14. Mum and Bub Hamper (in pink or blue)


15. Knitted beanie and bootie set (in pink or neutral)


16. Hooded towel

17. Mini Pamper Pack

18. Musical Penguin

19. Penguin Baby girl and Baby Boy Hamper

20. New Baby Hamper in pink, blue or grey
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