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Nappy Caddy

A nappy caddy is one of the most useful things you can prepare to help make your life with a newborn easier. This simple little basket can be filled with everything you could possibly need for yourself and your baby during the day, and what makes the nappy caddy so useful is that it is portable, and can be carried all around the house with you.

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Shop for your own nappy caddy here. Made with 100% cotton rope, 33 x 25 x 18 cm, and perfect for storing all your baby items, and everything you need throughout the day with a newborn.

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Your Nappy Caddy and All Your Nappy Caddy Essentials

Your nappy caddy should have everything you need for yourself and your baby all in one convenient place for you to carry throughout the house with you. It should be convenient for you, and include what you need for your own circumstances. Check out our nappy caddy essentials collection here. Not sure what to include in your nappy caddy? Click here to see our full list of nappy caddy essentials.
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