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Using a nappy caddy as a baby gift basket

As the gifting expert at Baby and Mumma Gits, I love coming up with new and creative ways to present gifts and gift baskets. Something that I have loved doing lately is packing nappy caddies as baby gift baskets. I have loved these for a few reasons; the nappy caddy itself is a super useful and practical gift, it looks super cute all wrapped up as a gift basket, and you can fill the nappy caddy with a combination of super cute or super practical items, including some things for mum and some for baby.

Check out this example! Isn’t it amazing?


Nappy caddies make practical gifts:

I have written before about how nappy caddies are so useful. Nappy caddies are often used by new parents to keep everything they may need when caring for baby all organised and together in one place. I loved using mine at night, as I had all the nappies, wipes, creams and changes of clothing there ready and didn’t have to get out of bed. I always recommend a nappy caddy for every new parent, and love it as a practical gift idea!

Filling the nappy caddy for the new parents:

Gifting a nappy caddy is already a super practical gift, but if you prepare the nappy caddy ready with everything for the new parents, it makes an even better gift and one that is more practical and useful. Fill the nappy caddy with the useful items the new parents need, such as nappies, wipes, jumpsuits, and nappy change cream. You can also throw in practical items for the new mum, such as snacks, nursing pads, and lactation products. Once packed, you can wrap your pre-packed nappy caddy with cellophane and ribbon and make it a super cute gift that doubles as one of the most practical and useful items for the new parents to use with their newborn. If you need more ideas on what to put in the nappy caddy, check out our blog post about it here.

Cute items for a nappy caddy:

Just because you are gifting something practical like a nappy caddy, doesn’t mean you need to keep all of the items inside the nappy caddy gift basket practical. As well as practical things like nappies, you could also include anything cute that you think the new parents will like. This could include cute little baby clothing, blankets, rattles, and anything else that makes a cute and wonderful gift. When you are creating this yourself, there really is no limit on what you can include.

Nappy caddy items for the new mum:

I always recommend buying gifts that focus on the new mum, as well as the baby. When deciding what to put in your nappy caddy gift basket, you could think about what items the new mum will like. This could include special items just for her, including things like chocolate, lactation cookies, wine, and pampering products just for her. It could also include practical items like lactation products, nursing pads, and belly oil. You can choose whatever you think would make the new mother feel loved, supported, and important.


Presenting your nappy caddy gift basket:

One of the great things about using a nappy caddy as a baby gift basket is just how adorable they are! When presenting your nappy caddy for wrapping, fill the bottom of the nappy caddy with tissue paper so all the items stand up nicely and can be seen from the top. Arrange all your products in the nappy caddy, trying to make all items visible. This means that when you present the gift to the new parents, they can see everything that is included before opening. Put heavier items on the bottom, and make sure they won’t roll or move on top of anything small and fragile. Use a small amount of masking tape or blue tack to keep things in place. When you have your nappy caddy presented perfectly, wrap it in cellophane. Other wrapping paper would also work here too, but cellophane gives the best effect. When it’s wrapped, wrap some ribbon around the top of the cellophane. A nice extra touch is to add a small gift card and tie it to the top with the ribbon.


Your nappy caddy baby gift basket will be ready to go, and makes a wonderful cute and practical gift. You can purchase our nappy caddies here, and browse our entire website for a huge variety of super cute and super practical baby gifts!


I am looking forward to adding the option of making your gift hamper into a nappy caddy in the coming weeks – make sure you check back to see this available to purchase soon!


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