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Eight Benefits of Baby Rattles:

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When you are buying products for your baby, we know you want the best for your little bundle of joy. You strive to provide them with toys that not only entertain but also contribute to their growth and development. In this post, I outline some of the benefits of baby rattles, and why they make such an amazing gift, and something nice to buy for your own baby.

Benefit of Baby Rattles #1: Stimulating Sensory Development:

Baby rattles are more than just adorable toys. They play a crucial role in stimulating your baby's senses and fostering their sensory development. Of course one of the main features of baby rattles are the sounds they make. The cute little rattles and squeaks are both cute, and combined with the adorable designs with different colours, means they are great for sensory input for babies.

Benefit of Baby Rattles #2: Enhancing Fine Motor Skills:

Grasping and shaking a baby rattle is a wonderful exercise for developing fine motor skills. As your baby reaches out and grips the rattle, their hand-eye coordination improves, strengthening their muscles and refining their motor control. This early interaction with a rattle sets the foundation for later skills such as holding a spoon or crayon.

Benefit of Baby Rattles #3: Encouraging Auditory Development:

That super cute l jingle of a baby rattle provides a symphony of sounds for your baby to explore. By shaking the rattle, they develop a sense of cause and effect, learning that their actions produce fascinating sounds. This auditory stimulation not only enhances their listening skills but also paves the way for language development as they start to recognize different sounds and associate them with objects or actions.

Benefit of Baby Rattles #4: Soothing and Comforting:

Baby rattles can be a source of comfort and security for your little one. The rhythmic sound and gentle movements of a rattle can have a soothing effect, helping to calm fussy or restless babies. Rattles can also serve as a familiar and reassuring presence during naptime or bedtime, creating a peaceful environment for your baby to relax and drift off to sleep.

Benefit of Baby Rattles #5: Promoting Bonding and Social Interaction:

Playing with a baby rattle is not only a solo activity but also an opportunity for bonding and social interaction. As you engage in playtime with your baby, shaking the rattle and sharing smiles, laughter, and joyful moments, you create a strong emotional connection. The simple act of playing with a rattle together strengthens the bond between you and your little one, fostering a sense of security and trust.

Benefit of Baby Rattles #6: They Are Inexpensive:

Unlike so many other items in the baby play catalogues, baby rattles are really inexpensive, with all of our rattle designs coming in at under $20. With a baby rattle you and your baby can get hours of fun without having to spend much money, and without having to resort to big expensive toys that are available at large retailers.

Benefit of Baby Rattles #7: Baby Shower Gifts:

As you may be able to tell from our name, Baby and Mumma Gifts are all about creating great gifts for new mums and babies. Baby Rattles also make a great gift for a baby shower, or a great addition to a baby gift hamper. This is why we have so many of them in our gorgeous baby gift hampers! Not only are baby rattles super cute, but they are also inexpensive, and excellent to add to your baby gift.

Benefit of Baby Rattles #8: They are super cute:

I just had to add this one in because I think our baby rattles are just the cutest things ever. My personal favourite of all of our baby rattles is this adorable little knitted bear. Isn't he just lovely? Every time I see our wholesalers add a new baby rattle animal design, I always have to purchase it, knowing that I think they are super cute, and they are also great for all our wonderful new parents.

Make sure you check out our collection of Baby Rattles and Teddies here. If you love learning about all things baby play and development, why not check out our post answering our followers questions on baby play, read all about it here!

What do you think? Are there other benefits of baby rattles that we missed?

Author Bio:

Rachel Preston Broughton is a mum of two and the owner of Baby and Mumma Gifts. Rachel loves playing with her two adorable children, and creating beautiful gifts for mums and babies, as well as learning new things, blogging, and learning all about business development.

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