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Nappy Bag Essentials

What to pack in your nappy bag:

If you’re a first time mum, welcome! Here at Baby and Mumma, we’re here to help you and keep things as stress free as possible, and offer you everything you need for your newborn, and yourself in your postpartum period. If you’re looking for nappy bag essentials, and wondering what to pack in your nappy bag, this is the page for you. We’ve got nappy bag backpacks, and all of the essential items you need for your nappy bag all in the one place for your convenience.

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Scroll down to view our list of essential nappy bag items. ​

All Your Nappy Bag Essentials in One Place:

What to pack in your nappy bag

Here at Baby and Mumma Gifts, we're here to help make packing your nappy bag as easy and stress free as possible. We stock everything you need, including nappy bags, nappies, wipes, and postpartum essentials for mum. Save time by shopping in the one place, and know that we have got your back and will help you get everything you need. Scroll down to see our list of what to pack in your nappy bag.

What to pack in your nappy bag:

Choosing a nappy bag:

First things first, choosing a nappy bag is important. I always recommend a backpack style nappy bag. A backpack style nappy bag is easier on your back, easier to carry, and often has more room than other styles of nappy bags. We stock some beautiful backpack nappy bags that are great for convenience and style.


Nappy bag essentials: what to pack:


As a first time mum, it can be really tricky to know what to pack in your nappy bag. Here are all the nappy bag essentials you need, and we stock all of them. I recommend looking through this list, seeing which things you think you need, and making your own personalised list of what to pack. You can order all of these from us, and they’ll come together in a box just for you.

Here is our list of nappy bag essentials you definitely need:

  • Nappies: the most essential of all the nappy bag essentials! We recommend eco-friendly nappies, but any supermarket nappies or cloth nappies of your choice are great in your nappy bag

  • Wipes: Of course if you are changing nappies you need wipes. Wipes are also handy for wiping hands, wiping surfaces, dummies, or anything else that needs a quick clean. Make sure you have at least one pack of wipes in your nappy bag.

  • Spare jumpsuit or two: Babies often need entire outfit changes, so make sure you pack some spare clothing in your nappy bag.

  • Spare socks: Especially if it's cold, you will need some spare socks for baby in your nappy bag. Babies are constantly losing socks, so don't forget to pack a few extra pairs. 

  • Change mat: If your nappy bag doesn't come with a change mat, buy one separately. This makes for easy nappy changes no matter where you are.

  • Swaddle/muslin wrap: If you are putting baby to sleep while out, or just if your baby enjoys being wrapped or swaddled, pack some swaddles or muslin wraps in your nappy bag.

  • Spare dummies: If you're using dummies, don't forget to pack some extras in your nappy bag, as babies constantly lose these. Plus, happy baby means happy mum.

  • Nappy change cream: For newborns especially, a nappy change cream is wonderful for preventing and treating nappy rash. These creams are also wonderful for other skin irritations. Don't forget to pack a tube in your nappy bag.

  • Spare nursing pads for mum: If you're breastfeeding, you'll likely need to feed the baby and change your nursing pads over while you are out. Pack some spares in the nappy bag so they are always there when you need them.

  • Spare maternity pads for mum: If you are in the early postpartum period, or packing your nappy bag before you give birth, pack some spare maternity pads for yourself so you can change them as necessary while you are out. 

  • Bottles and formula/breastmilk (if using bottles): If you are bottle feeding, you'll need to pack everything for feeding the baby while out. This could include bottles, milk, formula powder, hot water, and anything else to make bottle feeding easier while out.

  • Lip balm: Just because you always need lip balm, especially in the early postpartum period.

  • Hat/beanie (depending on weather): If it's hot, pack a sunhat, if it's cold, pack something to keep baby's head warm/

  • Wet bag or plastic bags: You'll need something to pack dirty nappies and clothing in. Wet bags are an amazing reusabel option, throw a few in your nappy bag.

  • bibs: If you have a baby that spills or spits up a lot, or if they just dribble a lot, a bib can be very handy to have in your nappy bag.

  • Snack: Most importantly, don't forget a snack for yourself. You will likely be very hungry in the early postpartum period, especially if you are breastfeeding.

  • Water bottle: Also important, don't forget to pack your water bottle in your nappy bag. As well as being hungry, you'll also likely be very thirsty after having your baby. If you are breastfeeding, hydration is very important, so don't forget your water bottle everywhere you go.

Nappy Bag Essentials for Mum and Baby

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