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Breastfeeding necklaces

Breastfeeding Necklaces for new mums

Breastfeeding necklaces are one of the most useful tools a breastfeeding mother can use. Made from medical-grade silicone, and with an easy-open latch for when baby pulls hard on the necklace, these breastfeeding necklaces can help make your breastfeeding journey easier and more pleasant. From only a few months old, many babies have difficulty with becoming extremely distracted during feeding. Some babies pull off multiple times to check out their surroundings, while others may want to twiddle with mum's other breast, put hands in her mouth, or even scratch her skin. Breastfeeding necklaces help baby to keep engaged while feeding and helps to avoid these distractions and discomforts. Available in three gorgeous designs, we know that you will keep wearing your breastfeeding necklaces throughout your breastfeeding journey and beyond.

Breastfeeding necklaces have the following benefits:

  • Keeps baby engaged while feeding

  • Helps prevent twiddling and keeps babies hands on the necklace instead of on mum

  • Helps avoid distractions while feeding

  • Makes breastfeeding baby easier when they are at the age that they start becoming distracted

  • Made of medical grade silicone

  • Stylish designs and colours

  • Makes feeding in public easier and more discreet do to keeping baby engaged throughout feeding.

Every new mum needs a breastfeeding necklace to assist her bresatfeeding journey!

Add one of these beautiful breastfeeding necklaces to a baby shower gift, to a new mum hamper, or purchase a breastfeeding necklace for yourself.

Read about why I love my breastfeeding necklace here.

Why not add a breastfeeding necklace to your collection today?

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