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Your Nappy Caddy: Some Super Simple Ways to Make Life with a Newborn Easier

When preparing for life with a newborn, buying and packing yourself a nappy caddy is one of the easiest things you can do to give yourself a massive helping hand after baby arrives. A nappy caddy is a basket with dividers that you can pack with all your newborn and postpartum essentials, and you can easily carry it with you so everything you need for baby is all together in one convenient place. When my babies were little, I loved using my nappy caddy, and found it to be such a useful item. In this blog post, I've outlined a few of the things I love about the nappy caddy and why I think they are such a convenient item for a new mum.

1) Change the baby's nappy wherever you are:

With a nappy caddy, you can change the baby's nappy wherever you are. This is especially convenient overnight. If you keep your baby's nappy caddy beside your bed with nappies, wipes, and everything you need right there, there is no need to even get out of bed during the night feeds. Feed, change and settle the baby right there without any need to get up.

2) Have everything YOU need for breastfeeding right there with you:

As well as being for nappies, you can put in all the things you need for breastfeeding in your nappy caddy too, and keep it all there together while feeding. There are a few things you might like to have with you while you are feeding the baby, including some spare nursing pads, some nursing balm, and a breast pump and milk saver. You can keep all of these things in your nappy caddy, and they will be right there with you while you feed baby and need them.

3) Have upstairs and downstairs supplies in your nappy caddy:

If you're in a double story house, having to go up and down the stairs right after giving birth is challenging, especially if you had a c section or stitches. Put together all the things you need for yourself and baby into your nappy caddy and carry it up or down the stairs only once per day. Then there is no need for going up and down the stairs for each feed or nappy change.

4) Keep your snacks there:

I'm not even joking with this one! One thing that I noticed as a new breastfeeding mother was that I was constantly hungry, especially while feeding the baby. I was always looking for convenient and easy snacks, and the hunger would always set in as soon as it was feed time for the baby. I threw in some snacks to my nappy caddy each time so that they would be there ready for when I inevitably felt like I was starving while feeding the baby.

5) Avoid the run around while holding a sleeping or feeding baby:

When you have a newborn, it's common for them to want to be held all the time, and new mothers often find themselves "nap-trapped", meaning you are stuck in one place while the baby sleeps. With your nappy caddy by your side, you can have everything you need right there beside you so you don't need to be up and running around looking for things with your sleeping baby.

6) Add what you need in the morning, or as you think of it:

In the early days of having a newborn, it's hard to know what you will actually need, and what you won't use. Each baby is different, so what your baby needs and loves will be different to others. As you discover or remember something important that you or your baby need during the day, add it to the nappy caddy and it will be there for you throughout the day.

7) What to pack in your nappy caddy:

If you're not sure what to pack, check out our nappy caddy page here, or our full blog post on packing your nappy caddy here. There you will find lists of everything I recommend putting in your nappy caddy.

8) Purchase your nappy caddy and all the essentials you need in one place:

I have personally selected a nappy caddy that is super convenient, durable, and with a divider for organisation. You'll also find on our nappy caddy page a full selection of all the essentials you need for your nappy caddy. Purchase it all at once, and check the job off your list.

Find our nappy caddy page here.

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