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What do you do at a baby shower?

Are you planning or attending a baby shower, but you have no idea what to actually do at a baby shower? So, what do you do at a baby shower?

A baby shower is a fun celebration for an expectant mother. Baby showers typically include games that centre around pregnancy, birth or babies, and guests bring baby shower gifts for the mum-to-be and her baby. Baby showers often include afternoon tea, which often includes baby themed food. My personal highlight of any baby shower is watching the mum-to-be open her presents.

Here is a list of what you might like to do at a baby shower:

Opening Baby Shower Gifts:

The most important part of a baby shower is the gifts! Every guest brings a gift for the mum-to-be, and one of the best parts of the baby shower is watching the gifts be opened at the end of the baby shower. Traditionally, baby shower gifts have always been for the baby. Things like baby clothing, baby gadgets, nappies, and everything a new mum needs for her baby. Personally, I love to also buy gifts that are also for mum-to-be. Pamper items, skincare, breastfeeding and postpartum essentials, or new mum hampers also make amazing gifts for baby showers.

Towards the end of the baby shower, all the guests gather around the mum-to-be and watch her open her baby shower gifts. This is a lot of fun, as all the guests get to see the mum-to-be’s face as she opens the gift they bought. They also get to see all the beautiful gifts from other guests. It’s a lot of fun.

Want some help with choosing a baby shower gift? Check out our entire section on baby shower gift ideas! Or shop our full collection of baby shower gifts here.

Baby Shower Games:

Games are one of the most fun parts of a baby shower. The games usually centre around the themes of pregnancy, birth, or babies.

Here are some of the traditional baby shower games:

· Guess baby details, such as birth weight, name, gender, and birth date

· Guess the size of mum’s tummy – use some string to guess the girth of mum-to-be’s tummy. The closest guess is the winner!

· Guess the baby food flavours – collect some baby food jars or pouches but take the labels off. Each of the guests has a little taste and guesses the flavour

· Who knows mum-to-be the best? Ask the guests questions about mum-to-be, with the guest who gets the most answers correct being the winner.

Baby Shower Food:

Just like any good celebration, baby showers should always have food! Most baby showers are centred around an afternoon tea, but more modern baby BBQs can also be for lunch or dinner.

Here are a few of my favourite foods for an afternoon tea baby shower:

· Slices

· Cupcakes

· Gourmet Sandwiches

· Lolly bar

· Donuts

· Sausage rolls

· Mini quiches

· Fruit skewers

Baby Shower Cake:

Of course, no celebration is complete without cake! Many bakers will make a baby-themed cake for you, or just a delicious cake in a flavour you love is totally fine as well! When everyone is together, it’s lovely to watch the mum-to-be cut her cake and share it out with everyone around her.

Baby Shower Messages and advice:

Another common thing to do at baby showers is for everyone to offer their best wishes, encouragement and advice for the mum-to-be. Some of the nicest ways to do this include:

· Writing messages in a guest book

· Writing encouraging messages on nappies. In the early days of parenting, the new parents can read all the beautiful supportive messages from their loved ones as they change the baby’s nappy.

· Wish jars: Everyone writes down a wish for the baby and put it together in a jar for the new parents to pull out and read one at a time

Just like every mum-to-be is different, every baby shower is different. You can pick and choose what you would like to do at your baby shower. There is no right and wrong answer.

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