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6 Fun Ideas for Baby Showers

Updated: Aug 17, 2023

Is it time for a baby shower? Baby showers are such a special time for new mums and mums-to-be. It's a time to celebrate and buy gorgeous gifts for the mum-to-be. Traditionally, baby showers are just for the mum-to-be and her female friends, but these days many people are opting for co-ed baby showers that involve both mum and dad, and buying gifts for both mum and dad. There are games, gifts for the new mum, gifts for baby, and lots of baby-themed foods. Guests love watching the mum-to-be open gifts too!

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Here are six ideas of fun things you can do at a baby shower to celebrate the mum-to-be!

1) Baby photos of guests

Ask each of the guests to bring along a photo of themselves as a baby. The host then collects all of these photos and puts them on a display. The mum-to-be then has to guess who is who in the photos! If both mum and dad are involved in the baby shower you can have each of them guess to compete against each other!

2) Parents game

This is a variation of a fun game often played at weddings. The mum and dad to be sit back to back in front of the guests. The host then asks a series of questions and the mum and dad to be both say what they think! For example, the host asks questions like: "who is going to be the fun parent?" and each parent needs to say who they think it will be.

Here are a list of fun questions to ask:

a) Who will be the fun parent?

b) Who will be the helicopter parent?

c) Who will do more of the night wakings?

d) Who will freak out the most

e) Who will be the strictest?

3) Advice and encouragement on nappies

I saw this idea at a family member's baby shower last year and I think it is amazing! The host buys a pack of newborn nappies, and the guests then each write a piece of encouragement or advice on the nappy in permanent market. These nappies then sit in the change caddy or change table ready for when the baby comes. When the new parents are up late at night changing nappies, they will have words of wisdom and encouragement, and they will be reminded that they are not alone.

4) "My waters broke!"

This one is such a funny game to play and watch and brings some laughter to any baby shower. Guests get into teams of two or three. Each team gets a water balloon. They then have to run a little relay with the water balloon between their legs! When the water balloon is dropped or broke, they need to shout "My waters broke!". The team that is last to break their waters are the winners!

5) Guess the baby details

This one is fairly standard for baby showers. Each guest needs to guess the details of the baby and write it down for the host to collect. You can have guests guess things such as baby's birthdate, weight, length, hair colour, name, and gender. You can keep the baby shower fun going by offering a prize to the person who guesses the most details correct.

6) Gifts

One of the most fun things about attending a baby shower is the baby shower gifts! Guests love watching the mum to be open her presents and checking out all the beautiful gifts her guests have bought for her. And guests love to see the mum to be's reaction when she opens her gifts. This makes a really great conclusion for any baby shower.

Want more?

Watch this space! Our complete baby shower guide for hosts and mums to be is coming soon!

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About the author: Rachel Preston Broughton is a mum of two, expert baby shower gift giver, and owner of Baby and Mumma Gifts.

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