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Nappy Caddies: What are they and why do you need one?

Nappy caddies are just a humble basket with many uses. Basically, you gather all of the essential products you need for your new baby, as well as any essential postpartum products you need to have with you, and pack them all into a handy basket. You can pack nappies, change mat, change of clothing, nappy cream, and anything else you regularly need for your baby. The nappy caddy means that you have everything you need with you at all times, and you can carry your nappy caddy to different areas of your house as you need, and have everything organised and in the one place. As a mum of two, I have personally used a nappy caddy when both of my children were babies, and I found them to be incredibly useful.


Do I really need a nappy caddy?

A nappy caddy is designed to keep you organised, and to make your life with a newborn easier. While you may think that you can just keep your baby’s nappies, products, clothing, and everything you need in the baby’s bedroom, or in a designated spot in your house, it’s likely you won’t want to be getting up and going to that place all throughout the day and night. Having a nappy caddy means everything is there for you in the one place, and you can easily can it from one room to the next. It only takes a small amount of time to pack or restock your caddy, and it will last you throughout your day. When your babies are older and you no longer need your nappy caddy, you can reuse the nappy caddy for storage, or pass it on to another parent with a newborn.

While you don’t HAVE to buy a nappy caddy, it is definitely something I highly recommend, and something I myself used every single day during the newborn months.

Benefits of nappy caddies:

I loved my nappy caddies when my children were small and found them to be so useful. If you’re not sure whether you will need a nappy caddy, or whether you will use one, I’ve put together a list of some of the benefits of nappy caddies.


A nappy caddy helps you keep everything you need in one place:

When you have a newborn, there are a lot products that you will regularly need, such as spare nappies, cream, change mats, spare nursing pads, and a water bottle for yourself. With a nappy caddy, you can have these things with you in one handy spot so you don’t need to get up and go to different rooms to get everything you need for nappy changes and for looking after your baby.


Make late night nappy changes easy:

Newborn need to feed and have their nappies changed overnight. Having a nappy caddy stocked up in your room, or the room where baby sleeps, means you have everything you need to change nappies and look after the baby overnight. You can avoid turning lights on, avoid searching for nappies or changes of clothes, and you can even stay in bed while feeding and changing your baby’s nappy.


Have all that you need ready before feeding the baby:

If you plan on breastfeeding your newborn, you will find that they can take a long time to feed and they feed very often. You can be stuck in a chair feeding your baby for a lot of your day. After a while, you become great at getting up and walking around while breastfeeding, but in the early days, positioning can be challenging, and you may want to stay in the one, comfortable position. With your nappy caddy, you can pack everything you need for feeding and have it all ready before you start feeding your baby. You can pack your spare nursing pads, nursing balms, silicone milk savers, water bottle, and anything else you might need for feeding your baby.


Avoid going upstairs and downstairs multiple times a day:

If you’re in a two-storey house, a nappy caddy is even more necessary. You will likely have a change table or changing station setup on one floor, but you will spend some of your time on the other floor. Having a nappy caddy is useful as you can carry it to whichever room you are in, and you don’t need to run up or down stairs for nappy changes, to find clothing, or to get supplies you need throughout the day.


What to put in your nappy caddy:

I have made a whole list of everything you need for your nappy caddy, you can get it here. Included in this list, you will also find a list of what to pack in your hospital bag for mum and baby, your nappy bag, and a postpartum care kit.

Here are some of the items you might like to pack in your nappy caddy:

·         Nappies

·         Change matt

·         Nappy change cream

·         Nursing pads

·         Water bottle

·         Burp cloth

·         Dummies

·         Spare jumpsuit

·         Anything else you need for yourself or baby while you feed and care for the baby


Baby and Mumma Gifts: Your nappy caddy stockists

Baby and Mumma Gifts stock some beautiful nappy caddies from Living Textiles. These are made with beautiful cotton rope, and are large enough to fit a whole lot of items in, while remaining light and easy to carry. There are three compartments, separated by a removable section which you can remove or put back in whenever necessary. This is the exact nappy caddy I used with my children, and I’m now so excited to be a stockist of these beautiful nappy caddy baskets. Check out our nappy caddies, as well as all our essential items for mum and baby here.


Nappy Caddies are essential items that help you to keep organised and keep everything in the one place while you care for your baby. They can be carried around with you wherever you go, and help you make sure that you have all the nappies, clothing, products and essentials you need wherever you are caring for baby. Check out our nappy caddies from Living Textiles here, or our nappy caddy checklists here.

Thanks for reading!


Author Bio:

Rachel Preston Broughton is the owner of Baby and Mumma Gifts, and a mum to two beautiful children herself. Rachel loves blogging and sharing tips with new mums and mums to be to help make their lives easier.

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