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Unique baby shower gifts for the mum-to-be who has it all!

Updated: Jul 31, 2022

Here at Baby and Mumma Gifts, we are all about providing unique and special baby shower gifts that new mums will adore! We even have a whole section on planning baby showers, with free printables and planning checklists and ideas.

If the mum to be in your life already has all the standard baby shower gifts, what can you buy for them? Have they already got a huge pile of nappies in every size, hundreds of hand-me-down clothing items, and every practical contraption invented? This can make baby shower gift giving a little more difficult! Here are top ideas on baby shower gifts for new mums and mums to be:

Pampering products as a baby shower gift

New mums and mums-to-be often spend so much time worrying about the baby, that they don’t get any time for themselves to relax and recover from pregnancy and birth. Some great ideas include beautiful skincare products, scented candles or essential oils, or some lovely lip balm for them. These gorgeous products make a unique baby shower gift that a new mum who has everything will appreciate!

If you’re looking for pamper pack ideas, check out our pamper packs for mum collection!

Postpartum care items as a baby shower gift

Again, new mums are often neglected when it comes to baby shower gifts. There are some wonderful postpartum care products available that provide practical nourishment for new mums during their postpartum recovery. Some ideas include; products that support breastfeeding, such as lactation biscuits, nursing cream, nursing pads, and small silicone pumps (like the Haakaa style). You could also consider belly cream, skincare, hair care, even vitamin supplements or heat/cold packs. These items are always needed and always appreciated.

Our new mum hamper is a great option packed full of postpartum care items.

A pregnancy or baby journal as a baby shower gift

If the mum-to-be in your life has everything, a baby journal is something personal and special you can give as a baby shower gift. Journals make a special keepsake that the new mum can keep forever, or pass onto her baby when they are grown up.

A book as a baby shower gift

With a baby in the house, new mums often don’t get a lot of time to themselves. If the mum to be in your life is a reader, giving a (non-baby or parenting related) book as a baby shower gift is an excellent idea, as it provides her with an opportunity to read and prioritize her own hobbies after the baby is born.

A subscription service as a baby shower gift

A subscription service is the baby shower gift that keeps on giving. There are so many subscription services in many different areas available today. A coffee subscription service is wonderful if she loves coffee, and we all know coffee is a lifesaver in the early months with a baby! There are also meal subscription services, nappy subscriptions, even wine subscriptions! Keep the new mum in your life’s preferences and interests in mind, and purchase her something that will be useful and enjoyable for her.

If all else fails, there is always a voucher:

Vouchers are a great baby shower gift, as the new mum can choose anything that she likes. Some great options for vouchers for new mums include pharmacy vouchers, supermarket vouchers, TV streaming service vouchers, or even a spa or massage voucher. These are always appreciated by new mums and are one of the most practical baby shower gifts.

Still need more ideas? Here is our post full of recommendations for new mum gifts, or our section on baby shower gift ideas.

Here is our full collection of baby shower gifts.

Are you planning a baby shower? Check out our Baby Shower Planning Guide, which includes everything you need to know about planning your dream baby shower. We even have a free printable planning checklist and free printable baby shower game templates!

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