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Best Gifts for Second Babies and Second Time Mums

Updated: May 27, 2023

If you’re like me, you just love buying baby gifts! What could be cuter than buying beautiful tiny jumpsuits, adorable teddies, and gorgeous tiny hats? I just love going to baby showers and buying adorable little gifts. That’s why I got into the business of baby hampers!

But what about second babies? Second babies are more difficult in that the new parents already have everything! They have enough tiny jumpsuits, little hats, and adorable rattles and teddies. As much as a new baby needs their own toys and comforters, the new parents may not appreciate a new comforter or teddy from their twenty closest friends!

So what do you buy?

Here are some ideas:

Nappies and wipes

You can never have too

many nappies. They are the ultimate practical baby gift. Look at buying nappies in a few different sizes. Babies don’t stay in tiny newborn nappies for long, so slightly bigger nappies might be more useful. Also, consider if the new mum might like to use cloth nappies or eco-friendly disposable nappies. Check out our Ecoriginals eco-friendly nappies and wipes for newborns.

A practical baby hamper is a great gift as it is jam packed full of items that new mums need for their baby. Included are: nappies, face washers, skincare products, and a gorgeous Purebaby zip jumpsuit. What makes a practical baby hamper different from other hampers, is that the new parents will use everything in this hamper right away. While the second time parents might already have clothing, cots, blankets, and toys from their previous baby, those having their second baby still need to buy nappies, creams, and new jumpsuits.

Check out our Baby essentials hamper or our Practical baby hamper for practical gift items such as nappies and wipes

Snacks and homecooked meals

Every mum knows the struggle of sleep deprivation, recovery from birth, and getting to know their new little person. Cooking is the last thing a new mum wants to do. Especially when there are two or more little ones running around! That’s why bringing a homecooked meal and some healthy snacks is the most amazing gift for a new mum. Franjos lactation cookies are an amazing snack for breastfeeding mums and a must for all gifts for new mums!

Babies need special sensitive skincare products. The new mum will be back in the world of nappy rash cream, baby massage oil, and sensitive skin wash and cream. These items are practical and there are so many beautiful products available.

Our full selection of baby skincare can be viewed here.

Something just for mum

There are so many items that a new mum needs for herself. Nursing cream for breastfeeding mums, healthy snacks, and belly oil. A second-time mum will absolutely appreciate being thought of in your gifting as well. You may also like to think about items to help the second-time mum relax and recover after birth with essential oils, scented candles, and gorgeous skincare just for her.

Our beautiful new mum hampers or pamper packs can make the perfect gift for a second-time mum.

The struggle of packing everything into a nappy bag is real! Especially for a second time mum, when there is double the stuff to fit in! A huge nappy bag that is still stylish makes the perfect gift. A backpack nappy bag with room for everything for two children is a must.

· Clothing in pink or blue

If the new parents now have one baby of each sex, you could consider buying some gorgeous clothing in the opposite colour. If they have had a new baby girl, after having a boy previously, some gorgeous pink items are so appreciated, and vice versa.

· Gift vouchers

There are certain shops that new mums always spend money at! The chemist, the supermarket, the local baby shop! Gift vouchers are a huge help, especially when there are so many expenses associated with a new baby.

· Something to entertain the toddler

Second babies can be harder in that the new mum needs to entertain the toddler as well as look after the new baby. Craft packs, stickers and toys for the toddler are a huge help! This way the new mum can focus all her attention on the baby, while the toddler feels included and special as they are getting a gift just for them.

Here is a pic of my family just after I had my beautiful second baby Patrick.

Are you a second-time mum or beyond? What was the best gift for a second baby you received? Let us know in the comments!

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