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Ten best gift ideas for New Mums

Updated: May 23, 2022

Having a baby is a momentous occasion in any woman’s life. It can be exciting, joyous, and life-affirming. On the other hand, for many mothers, it can be isolating, anxiety-inducing, and difficult.

We know that many people rally around women and want to support them during their pregnancy and after their birth. There are baby showers, visits from friends and family, and presents sent.

As a new mother, I was so appreciative of all the love and support I received after having my baby. I loved opening gifts at my baby shower, and I loved seeing all the adorable things that people sent to me. I am a huge fan of tiny baby socks, cute jumpsuits, and adorable rattles. Flowers, balloons, and teddies meant the world to me!

But, what about the new mothers? With all these beautiful gifts being purchased and sent, did we forget about the new mother? The new mother who recently gave birth, is sleep-deprived, and experiencing baby blues? What can we do to support these mothers?

Here are our top ten ideas of new mum gift ideas:

This is the most famous and most popular of all of our hampers. The New Mum Gift Hamper is packed full of everything a new mum needs in her postpartum period, including lactation cookies from Franjos kitchen, nursing balm and belly balm, body lotion, a heat pack, a handmade scrunchie, pawpaw ointment, and a scented candle. The new mum gift hamper is a great way to show a new mum you care.

2. Breastfeeding Essentials

Breastfeeding can be a challenge for many mums at the beginning. Many mums love to share the amazing products with their friends and family who are having babies. Some favourites include Lactation cookies, Nursing balm, and the famous silicone breast milk collectors, as well as reusable breast pads.

Lactation cookies are wonderful as they include ingredients to support milk supply. Every new mother knows the hunger that comes with early breastfeeding, and lactation cookies provide a guilt-free snack.

A nappy bag is one of the most essential items for every new mum. We recommend a backpack style as these are the easiest to carry and pack full of everything you need.

4. Relaxation and Aromatherapy items

scented candles, essential oils, bath salts, and aromatherapy diffusers help a new mother to relax and ensure she takes time for her own self-care and wellbeing.

Here at Baby and Mumma Gifts, we stock a number of beautiful pamper packs for new mums, packed full of items just for them. Our gorgeous New Mum Relaxation hamper is our favourite, with its nourishing lactation biscuits, relaxing essential oils, and supportive aromatherapy products.

6. A necklace

We are about to launch a beautiful range of breastfeeding necklaces for new mums! These necklaces are made with silicone beads, and are designed for babies to play with while breastfeeding to avoid distraction, which is a huge problem when breastfeeding a baby that loves to look around and play with everything!

As much as we are all about gifting for new mums, we know that some people want to gift practical items for their new mum friends, including items they will use every day. For this reason, we have created a practical baby essential hamper that includes nappies, wipes, clothing, breast pads, and other essentials for new mums and babies. For a practical gift, you can't look past this hamper.

8. Baby Books and Journals

What could be more special than a baby book or baby journal for new mum and baby to share? Our Pregnancy journal is wonderful for a mum-to-be to keep track of her pregnancy journal. Our Letters to my baby journal is a special keepsake book for new mums to record all their thoughts, feelings, and memories, to be shared with baby when they are older. We also stock a beautiful baby book in pink and blue.

Our collection of gorgeous mum and baby hampers are perfect for those who want to send a gift that caters for both mum and baby. We know so many want to send something adorable for baby, but also something nurturing for new mum. Our favourite hampers are our mum and bub hampers in blue and pink.

10. Practical support

This is not something you can purchase at any online store or send to someone's house, but it might be the most important and practical gift you can give to a new mum. Practical support could include things like; cooking, looking after older children, laundry, house work, shopping, and running errands. Being sleep deprived, learning how to look after a new baby, and also keeping up with other jobs is just impossible, and why providing practical support to your new mum friends is such an important gift!

If you want to send a beautiful gift, such as our New Mother Gift Hamper, Baby and Mumma Gifts is an Australian, family-owned small business specialising in creating, professionally packaging, and sending new mother and baby gift hampers. Shipping is included in all purchases, and a beautiful hand-written card is supplied. Baby and Mumma Gifts want to help you pamper every new mother in your life.

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