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The Perfect New Mum Hamper and Baby Gift Hamper for every occasion:

If you follow me on any of the social media platforms, you’ll see that I am constantly writing about every baby gift hamper or new mum hamper being my “favourite”. Trying to pick a favourite is like trying to choose a favourite child! I just can’t pick a single one as the favourite. So rather than writing about my single favourite baby gift hamper and new mum hamper, I’ve decided to write about which one is perfect for each of the different occasions. This is both to help you, the reader, choose which item is best for the special new parents or parents-to-be for each occasion. It also allows me to choose a number of different hampers and say that they are all my favourite.

Here are my favourite new mum hampers and baby gift hampers for each occasion:

Best Baby Shower Hamper:

Baby Essentials Hamper (in pink, blue or grey)

Shower the parents-to-be with love and practicality. Traditional baby shower gifts are practical and beautiful, and filled with items the new parents will use every day. The Baby Essentials Gift Hamper is filled with practical items, including nappies, wipes, a baby romper, bib, nursing pads, and more. Every item has been selected to meet all the needs of new parents in the early days of having a newborn. This one makes the perfect baby shower gift because of its practicality, but also because of how much love is packed into every hamper.

Best Budget Baby Gift Hamper:

Newborn Baby Hampers (in pink, blue, or white):

If you are looking to spend under $100 on a baby gift hamper, we’ve got a few options for you, just head to our Baby Gift Hamper section, and sort by price. When trying to choose a favourite, I had to go with the Newborn Baby Hamper. This one is available in blue, pink, or white. Included is a zip growsuit from Purebaby, which is super snuggly and practical, a board book, and a cute little rattle. With the Newborn Baby Hampers, you don’t need to spend big bucks to get great brands of baby products, packed into a lovely white hamper box, with a handwritten gift card.

Best gift hamper for a work friend or employee having a baby:

Signature Mum and Baby Hamper (in pink, blue or grey):

We get many orders from businesses purchasing new mum and baby gifts for a special colleague or employee. We have sent gifts to businesses including ANZ bank, Princess Cruises, and even the Reserve Bank of Australia. The most common hamper these companies choose is one of the Signature Mum and Baby Hampers. These are perfect for when several colleagues are putting in to buy a large baby gift. This is our largest hamper with the most items for both mum and baby. It is perfect for a special colleague or employee, as you are able to give both cute items for baby, and nurturing items for the new mum as she navigates her way through the early days of motherhood. In each hamper is the following: Lactation biscuits, belly balm, postpartum healing bath soak, and a scented candle for mum, as well as a Purebaby zip growsuit, Purebaby teething ring rattle, barrier cream, a board book, and an adorable plush bunny for baby. This is by far our most popular hamper, and our biggest.

Best New Mum Hamper for a mum struggling with new motherhood or mental health:

If you’re wanting to send an extra supportive gift to a special new mum who is struggling, our Just for Mum Hamper is perfect. With so many beautiful gifts coming in to new parents that are just for the baby, this one is special in that (as the name suggests!) is Just For Mum. If you’re visiting the new mum, bring her a coffee, a homecooked meal, help her out with any household chores that need doing, and bring her a Just for Mum Hamper. This is the perfect way to lend your support, and show the special new mum that she is loved, and that her self-care and mental health is important too.

Best Mum-to-be hamper after a pregnancy announcement:

This one has been made just for mums-to-be to help celebrate their pregnancy, and provide them with nurturing, practical products that they can use throughout their pregnancy and postpartum. The pregnancy bath soak is a favourite to assist with relaxation and muscle and joint soreness during pregnancy. Also the belly oil from My Lilli Pilli is perfect for using on the growing bump.

Best New Mum Hamper for supporting a mum when you can’t be there in person:

This is our original gift hamper for a new mum. This gorgeous new mum hamper combines both pampering and practical products in one gift to support a new mum when you can’t be there in person. Each product was selected by myself, based on all the thoughtful and practical gifts I received just for myself after having each of my babies. Included in each hamper is: lactation biscuits, belly balm, nursing balm, a wheat heat pack, a lip balm, moisturiser specifically designed for new mums, and a scented candle.

Best hamper for a mum passionate about breastfeeding:

Anyway who has breastfed can tell you that the beginnings of breastfeeding can be challenging. If you’ve got a special new mum in your life who is passionate about breastfeeding, or who is working hard to increase milk supply, or work through other breastfeeding difficulties, the Breastfeeding Support Hamper makes the perfect gift. Each product is specifically designed for breastfeeding mums and helps them through the beginning of breastfeeding. Included is: lactation cookies, reusable nursing pads, reusable hot and cold gel packs, a silicone breastmilk saver, and a breastfeeding necklace. It makes the perfect supportive gift for breastfeeding mums.

Best New Mum Hamper for a mum who had a C-Section:

As a mum who had an emergency C-section, I understand some of the challenges that come with C-section recovery, especially if it was unexpected. C-section mums need a lot of support, both practically and emotionally. I’ve put together this C-section hamper for mums to help them with some of the practicalities of C-section recoveries, as well as provide them with some self-care opportunities. Included is a beautiful coffee body scrub, belly oil (perfect for scar massage, stretch marks, and to use as a moisturiser), an organic lip balm, a what bag heat pack, and a pack of lactation cookies.

Best Baby Gift Hamper for a loved one living overseas:

If you’ve got special new parents in your life living overseas and want to send a piece of Australia to them, our Australiana is full of beautiful Australian animal themed gift items. With koalas on everything, the baby romper, comforter, teether and wooden book are perfect for babies with a connection to Australia.

Best Baby Gift Hamper to celebrate the birth of a baby:

Welcome Baby Gift Hampers (in blue, grey or pink)

The Welcome Baby Gift Hampers, available in pink, blue or grey continue to be strong sellers for anyone wanting a gift for a brand-new baby. Included in the Welcome Baby Gift Hampers are the following: A crochet blanket, a muslin wrap, a romper, bib and an adorable animal rattle. These were one of the first hampers I created when starting this business, and I’m so happy to be putting them together every week.

Best Baby Gift Hamper when you want something super cute:

Cute Baby Hampers (in pink, blue, or white)

Sometimes when you’re spoiling a brand new mum, mum-to-be or new baby, you want to give something that is super cute. Our Cute Baby Hampers, available in pink, blue or grey, are perfect! With tiny baby socks, an adorable bunny plush, a Purebaby growsuit, and Purebaby bunny rug and snooki set, the cute baby hampers are the best selling of our recently launched new hampers. How cute are they?

I love creating hampers for every occasion. Which is your favourite?

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