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Nappy Bag Bundle Gift: a beautiful practical gift for new mothers

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If you’re looking for a super practical gift to give for a baby shower or for a special new mum in your life, look no further than a nappy bag bundle gift set. Included in this beautiful new bundle is everything a new mum needs to pack in her nappy bag, including practical items for baby, and important items for new mum as well. When you gift a nappy bag bundle, you know that you are giving the gift of practicality, convenience, and style.

To make this easier, we have just put together a beautiful new bundle gift, check it out here!

Did you know that packing a nappy bag is something that can be stressful to a first-time mum? As a seasoned mother, packing a nappy bag is no longer my biggest stress, but when I first brought my baby home from the hospital, I had no idea what I had to pack in the nappy bag! I knew that I would need nappies and wipes, but I kept forgetting things!

My first outing with my brand new baby was to my in-laws’ house, and it took me about five attempts to get in the car with the baby. I had packed my nappy bag with everything I thought I would need, but then each time I would get out the door, there was something else that I remembered I would need but I hadn’t packed. This, coupled with the fact that my newborn kept wanting to feed or needed a nappy change at inconvenient times, meant that it took me HOURS to get out the door. I googled checklists for nappy bag packing, and I even watched Youtube videos to help me get it right! Of course once I had packed it a few times, I knew what I needed, and knew I didn’t quite need everything that I had stressed about forgetting.

Knowing that this had been a challenge for me, when it was my beautiful sister in law’s turn to have a baby, I bought her a nappy bag and filled it with everything she would need, and I gave this to her on her baby shower. I then gave the same gift again multiple times to others who were close to me. I wanted to help other new mums who were close to me to feel organised and in control. I wanted to help them have a stress-free first outing with their baby, knowing that everything they would need was already packed in their nappy bag and that they wouldn’t have to worry about packing it in a hurry like I did!

I have since also written a blog post about what to pack in your nappy bag, which has been one of our most popular blog posts to date. It seems everyone knows that they need nappies and wipes, but aren’t sure what else is necessary! If you want to read more, please see our blog post here.

What do we include in the bundle?

Inside each nappy bag bundle is:

· A beautiful nappy backpack from My Sweet Little Trio, a gorgeous small business based right here in Victoria

· A change mat – this comes as standard in each of the nappy bags. This helps when changing baby out in public, and needing something to protect baby from germs, dirt, or rough surfaces

· A pack of Ecoriginals nappies – these are a super environmentally friendly nappy, so you can feel good about the environmental impact of the disposable nappies you are gifting

· Ecoriginals wipes – like the Ecoriginals wipes, these wipes are also environmentally friendly and designed to lessen the environmental impact compared to traditional disposable wipes

· A Purebaby Zip Growsuit – one of the most important things new mums need to include is a change of outfit! Babies are messy and sometimes need to change outfits multiple times a day. These growsuits are a both practical and comfortable.

· Nursing pads – a necessity for breastfeeding mums, we have thrown in some reusable nursing pads made from comfortable bamboo and cotton

· Intensive soothing cream – beautiful organic cream for babies, perfect for use on nappy rash or dry skin

· A bib – Perfect for keeping baby clean, especially if they are prone to spitting up!

· A muslin wrap – one of the most versatile baby items, perfect for swaddling, sleep, wiping up baby spit up, as a cover for breastfeeding, or for use to keep the sun out of the pram!

Having everything ready, all together packed in a nappy bag before baby is born is one headache gone, and one less thing for a new mum to worry about when taking her baby out in the early weeks of having her baby at home.

We also have a beautiful range of new mum hampers, baby gift hampers, gifts for baby boys, and baby girls!

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