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What to Pack in a Nappy Bag for Mum and Baby

Updated: Jul 30, 2023

Essentials every new mum needs for herself and her baby in the nappy bag

Getting ready for your first outing with your newborn can be very daunting! Babies need a lot of equipment. And if you’re in the early postpartum stages you’ll also need some equipment for yourself as well!

Firstly, before your baby is born, make sure you choose a good nappy bag. I recommend a nappy backpack. Being a backpack, you can just throw everything in and throw it on your back. No matter the type of nappy bag you buy, make sure it has enough room for everything you need to pack for your baby and yourself.

What do I pack in my nappy bag? I hear you ask. Here is a rundown of everything you need to pack in your nappy bag for your newborn and for yourself.

The number one item you need to pack in your nappy bag is nappies, a lot of nappies. Pack more than you think you will need. If you plan on being away for an hour, and think you only need one spare nappy, pack two or three just to be safe. You don’t want to be stuck with a baby in a dirty nappy but with no spare nappies to change them. Check out our Ecoriginals eco-friendly compostable newborn nappies.

Along with nappies, you definitely need wipes packed in your nappy bag! As well as wiping dirty bottoms, wipes are also useful for cleaning spills, wiping hands, faces and surfaces. They’re really useful to continue to carry around even after your child outgrows needing a nappy bag. Our Ecoriginals Eco-friendly wipes are perfect for a nappy bag.

Nappy cream is essential in the early days to prevent and treat nappy rash, which is very common in newborns. A good cream, like the Little Innoscents intensive soothing cream, can also be useful for dry skin, dribble rash, and other skin irritations you or your little one can experience. Don’t forget to throw a pack in your nappy bag.

Wet Bag

A wet bag is just a reusable version of a plastic bag to put dirty nappies, dirty clothing, rubbish, and anything else you might need in. We recommend some from our friends at Cloth Journey to pack in your nappy bag.

This is absolutely essential! Don’t forget to pack a spare outfit in for baby. Sometimes, babies have nappy explosions, and sometimes they vomit all over their clothes. Pack a spare outfit in your nappy bag every time.

If your baby spits up a lot, you may also need to pack a spare top or jumper for yourself.

Baby sun protection

You really don’t want to get your baby sun burnt. Don’t forget to pack a baby hat and some baby sunscreen in your nappy bag.

Muslin wrap

a muslin wrap is a must! Muslin wraps are so useful for all sorts of things, including swaddling baby, using as a breastfeeding cover, a change mat, a burping rag, and so many more useful things! Always keep a muslin wrap or two in your nappy bag. Check out our muslin wraps here, in pink, blue or unisex.

Baby toy

Something like a baby rattle or little toy can be a really useful addition to a nappy bag. Toys and rattles are useful for distracting baby while changing a nappy, keeping them entertained in the car seat or pram, and can be nice to give something to baby that they can hold, play with and look at. Our favourite baby toys for nappy bags are our little baby rattles.

Change mat

You can use a muslin wrap, or you might like something padded in case in case you need to change on the floor or on a hard surface.

Spare dummies

If you’re using dummies, make sure you add some spares to your nappy bag!

Bottles and milk

If you are bottle feeding, you’ll need to pack as many bottles as you will need while you are away. If you’re formula feeding, pack pre-sterlised bottles with pre-boiled water. Measure out how much formula you will need and pack it into a small Tupperware container for each bottle. If you’re bottle-feeding breastmilk, you’ll need pre-sterilised bottles, and pack your frozen or chilled breastmilk in an insulated pocket of your nappy bag.


Don’t forget to pack a jumper for yourself and for your baby in your nappy bag.

Burp rag: A cloth is very useful if you have a baby that spits up a lot. It can also come in handy when cleaning messes.

Pads for mum

If you’re going out in the early postpartum period, you’ll need some maternity pads to carry with you in your nappy bag.

Breast pads are very important for new mums who are breastfeeding. They also should be changed regularly to avoid bacterial build up and also to avoid thrush. Don’t forget to pack a few spare pairs in your nappy bag. We recommend reusable breast pads, such as these.

Snack for mum

One of the most important things you need as a new mum is snacks, especially if you are breastfeeding. The hunger you feel in the early postpartum days is very intense, and it’s important to keep your energy up for your own recovery, for milk production, and to be able to look after your baby on very little sleep. Lactation biscuits are a great option for a nutritious snack, or you may like to pack fruit, muesli bars, or other handmade snacks. My advice is to never leave the house without a snack packed in your nappy bag.

Hand sanitiser

Hand sanitiser is an absolute necessity in every nappy bag. Your hands may come in contact with baby poop, or you may touch other dirty items such as shopping trolleys, buttons, money, or door handles. Keep yourself and your baby safe from germs with some hand sanitiser.

Drink bottle

Perhaps the only thing more important than snacks is water! Hydration is key, so always have a drink bottle packed in your nappy bag.

Band aids

Band aids are just great to have with you all the time. Once your baby starts moving around, they become even more useful as babies can start to hurt themselves a lot, and band aids are often necessary for comforting a toddler as well as healing wounds.

Our Baby Essentials hamper has everything you need for a new baby, and everything you need to pack in your nappy bag. Check it out today!

What else do you think we should add to our nappy bag list? Let us know in the comments!

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