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Cute Gift Ideas for Baby Boys:

Baby boys can be a little trickier to buy for compared to baby girls! While baby girls have their adorable little dresses, pink clothing, headbands, ballerinas and unicorns, baby boys are often left without anything cute at all! So what can you buy for a baby boy that is still cute? We’ve put together a few ideas from our store to give you some great cute ideas for gifts for baby boys!

While they are harder to find, there are still some super cute baby boy outfits out there! Our favourite from our collection is this Moody Bear Clothing set from Purebaby. We think this one is the cutest, because it has the little bears on the romper, and also little ears on the hat. The new parents will love this one for special occasions such as coming from the hospital, Christenings, newborn photoshoots, or other outings they may take their baby on. Buying in a bigger size, such as in 000 or 00 size, will mean that the outfit still fits the gorgeous baby boy for a lot longer.

2) Hand-knitted products:

Anything that is hand-knitted is instantly very cute! And knowing that someone has taken the time to make the product with their own hands simply adds to that. One of the cutest, and most popular products for baby boys in our online store is the hand-knitted beanie and bootie set. These ones are just lovely for when baby is first born, or especially cute for a premature baby.

Plush bunnies are just the cutest. With this one coming in blue just for a baby boy, it is a lovely cute gift for a baby boy. New parents can use the bunny as a special keepsake, as a comforter, or just as a special display toy for their baby boy.

4) Zip jumpsuits:

Zip jumpsuits are not only cute, but also very practical. For the early weeks of life, babies will spend a lot of their time in these little jumpsuits, and the zippers make them extra simple for undressing baby and also changing nappies. Our favourite cute jumpsuit for a baby boy is this one.

5) Muslin wrap:

Muslin wraps are another gift that is very practical for new parents, and a blue printed one is super cute for a baby boy. With most babies loving to be swaddled, muslin wraps are used very frequently. They are also useful to be used for purposes such as; breastfeeding cover, a burp rag, or a play mat. Our favourite is this one.

This one is a favourite for baby boys, as it includes both the adorable outfit for a baby boy, plus the baby hairbrush and teething ring rattle. Like all our hampers, this one comes with a handwritten gift card, and is wrapped and presented in a lovely white gift hamper box. This one is a favourite for the cuteness factor.

While this might not be something cute that the baby boy can wear, a baby book makes a really lovely gift and something that will make a special keepsake for the future. With spaces for pictures, recording memories, milestones, and birth details, this one makes a special gift that new parents will love, and baby boys will love to keep and look at as they grow and develop.

Rattles and teddies are always cute for every baby. If you want to add something to the gift for a baby boy, a little blue rattle is a lovely addition. Not only are they cute, but they will also be used by baby in their play for many months to come.

Baby boys can sometimes miss out when it comes to cute baby gifts, but our Welcome Baby Boy hamper is one that is filled with cute items just for baby boys. New parents of baby boys will love the cute and practical items that are included in this hamper, including a cute romper, a blanket, muslin wrap, bib and rattle.

See our full collection of baby boy gifts here:

Other gifting tips:

Baby and Mumma Gifts love baby gifts! We recognise the struggle of finding gifts that are both practical and cute. So here are our tips:

· Include a handwritten gift card or note. This is something that the new parents will read and appreciate. Many new mums even keep their gift cards with their baby records. Our hampers include handwritten gift tags, or you can add one when purchasing any gift items.

· Consider getting something for mum as well: New mums are recovering from pregnancy and birth, and are getting to know their brand new babies. They are often sleep-deprived, and experiencing lots of big changes in their lives. Show your love for the new mum by adding something special to your gift that is just for her.

· Always wait to be invited. This is especially important when you want to visit a new baby after they come home from the hospital. Text or call in advance and ask if there is a good time to visit, and wait for their response. Don’t pressure or come unannounced.

· Check out our blog on how to support a new mum after her baby is born.

Happy shopping!

Author bio:

Rachel Preston Broughton is the owner of Baby and Mumma Gifts, and a mum of two. Rachel loves buying cute things for her children, and has always found buying cute items for baby boys is particularly difficult.

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