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What to put in a new mum hamper

Our best ideas for creating a new mum hamper

When you are looking for the perfect gift for a special new mum, a gift hamper is a perfect gifting solution. Baby and Mumma Gifts have a unique and thoughtful collection of new mum hampers, but if you’re wanting something a little more personal or unique to the individual new mum in your life, you might like to create your own new mum hamper with goodies you’ve chosen just for your loved one. To help you out, I’ve put together a full list of ideas of products to put in your new mum hamper.

Here are my top ideas on what to put in a new mum hamper:


If the special new mum in your life loves chocolate, including some chocolate in her gift is a must. Chocolate is delicious, and it is also a good way to show the special new mum your love and support. You can buy her some regular supermarket chocolate, but to make it extra special, I recommend buying some special chocolate for the special occasion, such as our Charlotte Piper handmade chocolate blocks


Lactation cookies can be a lifesaver for new breastfeeding mums. They are created specially for nutritionally supporting breastfeeding mums, and they make a delicious snack at a time when the new mother is likely to be very hungry and not have much time for making her own snacks. I love the Franjos Kitchen Tanker Topper biscuits that stock.


If you are very close to the new mum, or if you’re looking for very practical items to include in a new mum gift hamper for them, putting some postpartum care products in their hamper is something super helpful you can do. Postpartum care products are practical and will be used by the new mum. Some great ideas for products to put in the hamper include:

-          Nursing pads

-          Maternity pads

-          Ice packs

-          Peri spray

-          Nursing balm

Before deciding to put these items in your hamper, think about your relationship to the new mum. If you are buying for your friend, sister or daughter, putting some postpartum care products is a great idea. If you’re buying for an employee or a new mum that you are not very close with, it might be best to leave these very personal items to those closer to the new mum.


New mums are often spending so much of their time looking after the new baby. By giving a gift hamper that includes some pampering products, you are showing the new mum that they are also important, and encouraging them to take time for themselves and their own self-care. Giving pampering gifts is great for any new mum, whether you’re buying for your sister, your colleague or an acquaintance. Some of our favourite ideas of pampering products to include in a new mum hamper include:

-          Candles – especially our beautiful Mum and Incredible Mama Candles

-          Face mask – one of the best ways to pamper and take care of skin for a new mum

-          Essential oil rollers – if you’re buying for a new mum who is into natural skincare and essential oils, a special essential oil roller is the perfect addition

-          Coffee scrub – great for skin, with a delightful scent, and, best of all, they can be used in the shower so every new mum will have time to use them.

-          Bath soaks – For mums who love a little luxury, the relaxation, glow, or healing postpartum soak make a lovely addition.


Wine or their favourite beverage:

Some new mums who love their wine get very excited about being able to drink again after giving birth. Fine out what the new mum’s favourite wine is and add a bottle to their gift hamper. If you’re not sure what to buy, ask for recommendations from your local bottle shop. Champaigne and sparkling wine are traditional celebratory gifts so are perfect if you’re not sure of the new mum’s favourites.


High quality and special moisturisers, lotions, and oils also make great additions to new mum gift hampers. Scented products that the new mum can use each day are great, as they can add a little bit of self-care and luxury to a new mum’s day, especially when they are time poor while taking care of a new baby.


If you are buying for a close friend or relative who is breastfeeding, buying some supplies to help with breastfeeding is a great way to show your support. This type of gift is best left to those closest to the new mum, rather than colleagues or acquaintances. Some of the best breastfeeding supplies to buy include:

-          nursing pads

-          breast pump and milk saver

-          hot and cold gel packs

-          nursing balm


Even though this blog post is all about the new mum, it is also nice to include something for baby. If the new mum has other children or has already purchased everything they need for the baby, just something small for the baby is all that is necessary. Some ideas of items to buy for the baby include:

-          A jumpsuit

-          A rattle

-          A teddy or bunny

-          A book


Personalised new mum hampers in our “Build your own” section:

If you have chosen some items you would like to gift to the special new mum in a hamper and you would like us to package them together in a hamper box with a card, be sure to look at our “Build your own hamper” section. For this option, you select the products, we package, wrap, write on the card, and ship off the perfect new mum and baby hamper for you. Build your own new mum hamper here.


I hope you have found some great ideas on what to include in a hamper for a new mum after she has her baby. All of these suggestions can make great gifts individually or as part of a hamper to show your care, love and support. Let us know what ideas you have for a new mum hamper!

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