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Gift Hamper Packaging: How do we package our baby gift hampers and new mum hampers?

As the gifting expert at Baby and Mumma Gifts, one of my favourite things is to package up our beautiful gift hampers into the boxes. I love playing with tissue paper, wood wool and cards to create something that is truly special. I love making something that looks extra special and really adds to the “wow” factor when the new parents or parents-to-be open their gift hamper.


So, how do we package our gifts?

We use white gift hamper boxes for all our hampers. These are made of a glossy laminate material and they look stunning when filled with beautiful products. Some sizes also have ribbons, for a little added luxury.

We use white tissue paper in the bottom of all of our boxes, and we fill the bottom of the box with either tissue paper, or wood wool. Tissue paper works perfectly for items such as clothing or soft toys, while I think the wood wool looks amazing with our other types of products, such as skincare, books, and postpartum care products. The idea of the wood wool is to both keep everything in its place during shipping, and also to look amazing when the box is opened.

We have four different boxes with different sizes and shapes. This is to ensure that every different combination of items will fit perfectly into the box we use. Our largest box is a large rectangle over 35cm in length, and we chose this one specifically to fit all of the items in our Signature Mum and Baby Hampers. As well as this, it’s large enough to fit a pack of nappies, plus room for other hamper items. We also have customers regularly use our “build your own hamper” section on our site. Some people are so generous and select so many items that we use one of these extra large hamper boxes. I’ve even had one order where I had to use two of these! I was very jealous of the lucky new mum when I saw all the beautiful items she was getting in her hamper!


How do we protect everything during shipping?

All of our items inside our hamper boxes are surrounded by either tissue paper or wood wool. For items that are breakable, such as our bath soaks that come in glass jars, we also wrap these in bubble wrap before putting them into the box surrounded by wood wool. This is something that I take very seriously as I need to always ensure that the gifts arrive still in the perfect condition they are sent in. We frequently get asked about our packages and how they arrive so beautifully! On occasions when hampers have been returned to sender, I use the opportunity to check how the packaging has held up, and I’m always happy to see them still in great condition.


What about cards?

I used to boast about having handwritten cards in every hamper. Unfortunately as the business grew, and most of the time being a one woman show, I couldn’t keep up with the handwritten cards anymore. Now I print the messages on all our cards. While I loved the look and feel of having something handwritten in the hampers, the printed cards do add a more professional touch. We have a variety of different card designs, and I always choose one that I think looks perfect with the particular items that were chosen for the hamper. I love a blue card for the blue hampers, and a pink card for the pink hampers. I also have several beautiful designs that I chose specifically with mums in mind, such as one with some flowers, and another with a pastel-coloured rainbow.



We don’t want to send our beautiful hamper boxes out in the mail to be destroyed, so we package them up in cardboard Australia Post boxes. This is to protect them, and it also helps with privacy – it means no nosey neighbours or anyone walking by can see or tell what is in the box after delivery. This is also helpful if you’re buying for someone in your house and you don’t want them to see! Our packaging boxes either fit our hampers in perfectly, or we use packing paper to keep the boxes safe and secure during shipping.


Do we put invoices or receipts in our boxes?

NEVER. We never put receipts in our boxes, as we know the gift is often going straight to the recipient. For this reason, we have made it a blanket rule to never put receipts, prices, or invoices inside our boxes when they go out for shipping. While you might be used to seeing an invoice enclosed, we do it a little differently, as we know many people don’t want their gift recipient to see how much they have spent. Instead we send all our receipts electronically, as well as tax invoices. If you ever need a paper copy sent, just send us through a message and we can send one out for you.


I love packaging up our hampers, it is truly one of the best parts of my day each and every day. I love the opportunity to be creative and artistic and create something that is truly special for someone else. Be sure to check out our New Mum Hampers and Baby Gift Hampers pages to see pictures of some of my favourite creations!

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