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Best gifts for new mums who had a c section:

Updated: Apr 12, 2023

I had an emergency caesarean with my second baby, making me a c-section mum after having a normal delivery the first time around. It was a very different experience from my first uncomplicated birth. The c-section recovery was much more challenging, it was much more difficult on my body, and it took me much longer to feel like myself again. In addition to all the normal postpartum recovery, after caesarean, I also wasn’t able to do a lot of normal things, like pick up my older child, lift anything heavier than my baby, or do any of the housework jobs that I usually could do. It was an eye-opener, and something that I will always remember when I see other c-section mums, and something that has inspired me to put together some gifts for new c-section mums.

For me, the main thing that I wanted from my friends and family after my c-section was practical support because I needed help with so many parts of my life. Cooking, cleaning, helping look after my toddler, and driving me to run errands were things that I could no longer do on my own, so help from others with these tasks REALLY helped a lot.

If you are away from your loved one who just had a c-section, or if you want to send a gift to help them get in some pampering and self-care, or help them prioritise their own recovery, here are some of the best gifts to send a new mum who had a c section:

Introducing our specially curated gift hamper designed for new mums who have had a cesarean. We understand that recovering from a cesarean delivery can be a challenging and exhausting experience, and we have put together a collection of thoughtful and practical gifts to help make the recovery process a little easier. Included is a wheat heat pack for comfort, belly oil for a shrinking belly and scar massage, lip balm, and Franjos Kitchen lactation biscuits, as well as a coffee body scrub for luxurious pampering. Purchase yours here.

I created our new mum hamper after I had my second baby, and I kept all new Mummas in mind. Included in each of our gorgeous hampers is a variety of products included in this list. Inside the hamper, you will find lactation biscuits, a heat pack, a scented candle, belly balm, moisturiser, lip balm, and nursing balm. What could be more special? If you can’t be there in person for a new mum who has just had a c-section, send them this nourishing, supportive hamper instead.

I created the postpartum support hamper specifically for new mums. Included are various items that new mums need for their recovery, including belly balm, nursing balm, lactation biscuits, sitz bath soak and some breastfeeding essentials. Each of these items will help the new mum in her recovery after her c-section, and let her know that you are thinking of her.

A heat pack (or wheat bag) is one of the best gifts for a c-section mum. The whole area around the incision can be really painful, and using the ab muscles is nearly impossible. Putting a heat pack on the area is a really great way to help ease the pain and discomfort in the area. Plus a heat pack continues to be useful later on if the mum gets a sore back or shoulders from carrying the baby. A heat pack is one of the most useful gifts for a new mum, especially after a c-section. We have some really cute heat pack designs, available here.

Belly oils and creams make a really lovely and practical gift for a c-section Mumma! After a c-section, scar massage is a really great thing to do to help prevent adhesions in the c-section incision, and it can also help with circulation, scar sensitivity, and help reduce visibility. It’s something that my women’s health physiotherapist recommended to me post c section, and something I found really helpful. A belly oil or cream can really help with this. In addition to the benefits of scar massage, new c-section Mummas can enjoy the delicious scents of the creams and oils, and enjoy creams and oils as a lovely moisturiser as well. We have an entire section of belly skincare for new mums, check it out here.

I love essential oil rollers. These are so nice for relaxation and aromatherapy. For me, it is part of my mindfulness routine and I love to roll myself with some delightful essential oils. For mums who have just had a c-section, normal self-care can be more difficult. Getting up for a shower can be a challenge, and doing make-up, skincare routines, and other normal routines can be much more challenging than normal. Essential oil rollers are a nice way to help the new Mumma get some gorgeous scents on her skin, and also help her relax a little and enjoy her day. We have two adorable essential oil rollers, here and here.

I cannot recommend these enough as a gift for a c-section Mumma who is breastfeeding. The beginnings of breastfeeding can be really challenging for any new mum, but having had a c-section, or other birth complications can make things even more difficult. Positioning and carrying the baby can be more challenging, as lots of normal positions can put pressure on the incision area. Often C section mums can miss out on the early breastfeeding times if they or their baby need extra care in the hospital, which can sometimes present more challenges. In addition, cooking, preparing food, and shopping, are all really difficult for a c-section mum, who isn’t able to lift anything, can’t walk far, and also can’t drive herself. Lactation biscuits are designed specifically to be extra nutritious for breastfeeding mums and are a super delicious and easy snack that a new mum can open up whenever she is hungry.

What’s the only thing that makes a new mum happier than food? Pampering! While there is a lot of rest that needs to happen in the early postpartum period after a c-section, it is still difficult for mums to find time to pamper and look after themselves in the ways that they would like. Giving a pampering gift is so lovely as it really encourages the new mum to take the time for pampering and self-care. I recommend these amazing face masks, scrubs, and creams here. A lip balm is also super helpful, as our lips can become super dry while in the hospital and in the early postpartum period! And, while the new mum isn’t able to take a bath in the early postpartum period post c section, some bath soaks can be a really nice thing for her to look forward to! Check out our pampering products for new mums section here.

As I have already mentioned, early breastfeeding can be challenging for any new mum, especially those who have had a caesarean. If you’re looking for a practical gift for a c-section mum, breastfeeding products can really help. Our breastfeeding supplies range includes some gorgeous breast pads, reusable hot and cold gel breast pads, nursing balm, a breast pump milk saver, and our gorgeous breastfeeding necklaces! Any of these are super helpful for new mums and make lovely gifts.

I’m also looking forward to creating a new version of the new mum hamper, just for c-section Mummas. I can’t wait to launch it later this year!

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