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Baby and Mumma Gifts' 2023 Year in Review

As 2023 draws to a close, it's time for our final blog post of the year, and what a year it has been for Baby and Mumma Gifts! Join me as I take you through some of our most thrilling highlights—a year packed with achievements and new horizons.

New Product Delights:

While our core essence remains the creation of thoughtful gift hampers for new mums and bubs, this year marked an exhilarating expansion. We've introduced fresh collections, including must-have hospital bag essentials for both mum and bub. Among these remarkable additions, the Angel Maternity pyjamas stand out—a personal favourite of mine. Having experienced their comfort during my own pregnancy, these pyjamas, tailored for pregnancy, postpartum, and breastfeeding, are now part of our brand-new hospital bag bundles.

Exciting Bundles:

Beyond individual products, we've curated fantastic bundles specifically tailored for mums and bubs during the hospital stay and postpartum period. Explore our pre-packed nappy and hospital bags within our bundle collection here.

Welcoming Kira, Our Star Addition:

An undeniably thrilling milestone was welcoming Kira aboard as our exceptional Virtual Assistant, tasked with handling all things social media, web, and email. The decision to bring Kira on board was initially daunting, but her impact has been nothing short of incredible. Her contributions have significantly eased operations at Baby and Mumma Gifts, and I'm endlessly grateful for her invaluable dedication. Kira's wonderful website can be viewed here.

Stylish and Practical Nappy Caddies:

Among our newest collection is the nappy caddy. This is something I found particularly exciting to add, as nappy caddies were something I found so useful as a brand new mother, especially after having a cesarean section. I'm glad to be now sharing these with our customers. In the collection page, you'll find the nappy caddies themselves, as well as all the products you need to add to your nappy caddy. I've also added a nappy caddy checklist to our free checklists for mums and bubs! Check out the collection and link to the checklists here.

Revamped Checklists for Ease:

This year, I dedicated time to revamping our hospital bag and nappy bag checklists. Understanding the overwhelm of packing for such moments, I've crafted easy-to-follow and tick-off checklists, accessible at the top of our Hospital Bag pages for our cherished customers.

New Identity with a Fresh Logo:

At the outset of this year, you might have noticed our brand-new logo. Transitioning from a self-made design on Canva to a professionally crafted, bespoke logo was a pivotal move. The new logo harmonises perfectly with the ethos of Baby and Mumma Gifts and beautifully complements our exquisite website.

Our Most Active Year Yet:

2023 has been a testament to hard work and dedication, propelling Baby and Mumma Gifts to new heights as a thriving small business. The volume of parcels dispatched to new mums and bubs this year surpasses any previous record, a milestone I'm immensely proud to share with you.

Looking Ahead:

My next significant goal involves bringing on an assistant to join me in the office, streamlining order packing processes. This step will afford me more time to focus on growing the business while cherishing precious moments with my family. I'm excited about the prospects and can't wait to share this journey with all of you.

Embracing Growth and Anticipating the Future:

As we bid farewell to this incredible year, brimming with growth and joy for the Baby and Mumma Gifts family, I am eagerly looking forward to what 2024 has in store for us. Together, let's embrace the journey ahead!

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