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What to buy for a colleague who is having a baby

If you have a work colleague or work friend who is having a baby and you’re wondering about a gift to buy them, we’ve put together a list of amazing gifts to buy for your colleague having a baby. As the owner of Baby and Mumma Gifts, I have created a mailed-out hundreds of gifts for colleagues and employees who have had babies. In this post, I’ve put together a list of my personal favourite gifts for colleagues having a baby.

If you’re looking at purchasing a gift, Baby and Mumma Gifts have the most extensive range of baby gifts. We offer free standard shipping Australia wide, and US shipping from only $10. Check out our range of baby hampers here, baby essentials here, and new mum hampers here.

Gift ideas for colleagues having a baby:

A nappy caddy is a really useful gift. If you haven’t heard of it before, it’s a basket that is filled with baby items for the new parents to use with their baby. You can gift a nappy caddy alone, or you can fill it with baby items such as nappies, wipes, clothing and nappy creams. Nappy caddies make a great gift because they are so incredibly practical, and you also get the opportunity to put all sorts of items in the basket to make it nice and personalised.

You can purchase our nappy caddies and all the items to fill them here!

Welcome Baby Gift Hampers:

Our Welcome Baby Gift Hampers continue to be some of our strongest sellers. These are great because they include a variety of adorable items for babies, including a baby blanket, muslin wrap, jumpsuit, bib, and rattle. They make an amazing gift to say congratulations to your special work colleague, and you know that all of the items in this hamper will be useful for the new parents. Our Welcome Baby Hamper comes in blue, pink, or grey. You can browse our full list of baby hampers here.

Nappies (or diapers as they are called in some parts of the world!) are a great gift for new parent. When you purchase nappies for your colleague having a baby, you know that you are gifting something that is useful and helpful for the new parents. Nappies are the ultimate practical gift. We recommend purchasing some nappies along with some other practical items that the new parents might need, including some jumpsuits, wipes, or baby skincare.

When purchasing nappies, make sure you purchase some that align with what the new parents want. For example, some use modern cloth nappies, while others might like to choose eco-friendlfy nappies, like these.

A New Mum Gift Hamper is a great gift for a pregnant colleague. While many like to buy a gift for the baby, buying something for the new mum is extra special. During pregnancy and postpartum, it can be very easy for a new mum to focus only on her baby and not on her own self-care. A New Mum Gift Hamper is a great way to encourage her to take time for herself. It also shows her how much you care about her and her wellbeing. We love our original New Mum Gift Hamper, which you can purchase here, or you might also like our Postpartum Care Hamper, or Pregnancy Congratulations Hamper, or our New Mum Relaxation Hamper. These are all great gifts to show your love and support to a special colleague having a baby.


Candles, especially those with a new mum or pregnancy theme, make great gifts for a colleague having a baby. A candle is perfect because it is a gift just for the new mum. Unlike other gifts that might just be for babies, a candle is designed specifically for mum. We love our Incredible Mumma candles for new mums.

Baby clothing and jumpsuits make great practical gifts for your colleague having a baby. Baby clothing is both practical and adorable, making it a great choice for baby gifts. We recommend buying clothing that is practical for life with a newborn, such as zip growsuits, baby singlets, hats, or other clothing that is easy to put on baby. You could also give a combination of practical clothing, along with some cute outfits for special occasions. In terms of sizing, it is always great to buy clothing in sizes larger than newborn. Most babies are only in tiny newborn clothing for a very short time, but in 0 – 3 month sizes (000) or 3 – 6 month sizes (00) for much longer.

A Signature Mum and Baby Hamper:

Signature Mum and Baby Hampers are great as they are for both mum and baby. Rather than having to choose a gift for mum or a gift for baby, a Signature Mum and Baby Hamper allows you to gift for both. This one includes beautiful gifts for mum, as well as some practical items for baby. As Signature Mum and Baby Hampers are really large, they make excellent gifts for when a big group of you have all put in money together to buy a large gift. Available in pink, blue, or grey.

Books for baby make a great gift, especially for a colleague who already has everything. Reading books to babies, even from the newborn stage, is very beneficial for babies speech development and literacy development. If you’re not sure which books to buy for the new baby, check out our books for baby section here with some of our favourite books.


Finally, vouchers make excellent gifts for a colleague having a baby. Vouchers are a great option for any time you are not sure what to give, or if you have a co-worker who has already bought everything they need for their baby. Good options for vouchers include baby stores, pharmacies, or supermarkets.

Other questions you might be thinking about:

When to give a gift for your colleague having a baby?

One of the best times to give the gift to your colleague having a baby is on their last day of work. Some workplaces love getting together for a morning tea, lunch or other celebration to give the pregnant co-worker a great send off. This is an amazing time to give a gift and give offer well wishes. Others might love to wait until the baby is born and send off a beautiful gift to them, while some even give a little gift right when the co-worker announces their pregnancy. All of these options are great, choose whichever you like and suits your workplace.

Should I give a gift to a pregnant colleague?

It depends on your workplace and your relationship with the colleague, but I think it is always nice to give a gift to someone close to you when they have a baby or leave for maternity leave. If you’re in a large office or there are a number of you that work together, it’s a great idea to all put in a small amount of money together to buy a gift. If you’re on your own or there is only a small group of you, you might like to buy something small and personal for the pregnant colleague. It’s a great way to show your love, care, and support for your colleague.

Who should buy a gift for a colleague having a baby?

At Baby and Mumma Gifts, we often see a group of colleagues all put in a small amount of money together to be able to purchase very beautiful or expensive gifts. Some workplaces also have a gift fund or social club that employees can contribute to and then use for gifts. We also frequently have managers or employers, especially in small businesses, purchase a gift for their employee who is having a baby. We are all about celebrating pregnancy and babies, so all of these are fantastic options.

I hope you enjoyed our list of gift recommendations for colleagues having a baby. We know they will love and appreciate any of the gifts on this list! Any time you are in need of gifts for pregnancy, new mothers, or babies, all of us here at Baby and Mumma Gifts would love to help. We have a great range of gifts and we love to create something special and personal for you.

Free shipping Australia-wide, and US shipping from $10.

Author bio:

Rachel Preston Broughton is a mum of two and is the gifting expert behind Baby and Mumma Gifts. Rachel has always enjoyed putting gifts together for those around her, and she loves creating gifts that focus on the wellbeing of the new mother. Rachel also loves blogging and sharing all her ideas with people around the world.

Thank you for reading!

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