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Baby Gift Hamper Ideas for Second-Time Parents

Buying a gift for a first time parent can be lots of fun – they still need to buy everything and every item is new and special. When you’re instead buying for second (or third, or fourth!) time parents, buying a baby gift can be a little more tricky. The new parents already have all the clothing, blankets, and rattles they could need, so it can be hard to know what to buy. As a mum of two (soon to be a mum of three!) and gifting expert at Baby and Mumma Gifts, I’ve put together a few ideas for baby gift hampers for second time (and beyond) parents.


If you’re wanting to create a gift hamper yourself, check out these individual items to pack into your home-made baby gift hamper, or to select as part of a “build your own hamper” section of our website. Or scroll down to see some of our carefully curated baby gift hampers specially designed by me as a second time mum.

Individual items to pack into your baby gift hamper:

1. Practical Essentials

There are some essentials that you just can’t get enough of, especially those that parents will use daily, over and over, and those that run out. Some of the best essentials include:

·         Nappies and wipes: Nappies and wipes are essentials that parents with any sized family will continue to need. You can be creative and present these as part of a nappy cake, wrap them in creative ways, or you can just put a package of nappies into the baby gift hamper. I recommend our Ecoriginals nappies and wipes.

·         Baby skincare: There are some essentials that you can never have too many of, for example, nappy change cream, baby massage oil, or a gentle baby soap. Putting a few of these items into your baby gift hamper will be practical and useful for second-time parents.

·         Baby Growsuits: Baby growsuits are something that all parents always need more of and something that will be used over and over. Buy some with zips, and consider buying a few sizes, as babies tend to grow out of tiny growsuits very quickly. I love our baby growsuits from Purebaby

2. Items for the Older Sibling

Transitioning to being an older sibling can be challenging for a small child. Including something special for the older sibling is a great way to make them feel special and included. Anything that the older child might like is helpful, but here are some ideas:

·         A special teddy or bunny – the new baby is likely getting a whole lot of soft toys, having one just for the older sibling will feel very comforting for them and help them feel cared for and special as well.

  • "Big Sibling" Shirt: A fun and proud declaration of their new role.

  • Activity Books or Toys: Small toys or books to keep them entertained while the parents are busy with the new baby.

  • Books: books are always special and something that the older sibling can share with the new baby

If you’re giving your gift as a gift hamper, I recommend putting these separately so the older sibling also has the joy of opening their own gift.

While the new parents may have everything they need for the new baby, you can always buy something special for the new mum. In fact, wanting to provide high-quality gifts for mum was one of the main reasons behind starting this business. Here are some of my favourite ideas for gifts for new second-time mums:

·         Healing postpartum sitz bath soak: this is a beautiful gift as it has both a practical use in helping the new mum’s postpartum recovery, but also is used as a relaxation tool, which is something absolutely necessary for a new mum also caring for older children

·         Lactation cookies: I always include these in lists of gifts for new mums, as snacks are so important in the early postpartum periods, and having something nutritious and delicious to snack on is an enormous help for new mums

·         Pamper products for mum: Put a few small pampering items into the baby gift hamper to show your love and support to the new mum

·         Pyjamas: New mums will spend a big chunk of their time in their pyjamas. Buying them some comfortable, stylish and practical pyjamas is a wonderful way to add a little touch of luxury and care to a baby gift hamper.

4. Health and Wellness

Gifts that promote health and wellness can be very thoughtful.

  • Thermometer: A reliable, easy-to-use thermometer can be a great addition to their baby care kit.

  • Baby First Aid Kit: Stocked with essentials like baby-safe fever reducers, a nasal aspirator, and more.

  • Essential Oils: Calming essential oils like lavender can help both the baby and parents relax.

My Baby Gift Hamper Recommendations for Second-Time Parents:

If you’re looking for pre-made baby gift hampers for the special new parents, here is our approved list of baby gift hampers that are sure to be a hit with the new parents!

As the name suggests, this baby gift hamper is popular because of it’s practicality. With nappies, wipes and skincare included, every single item in the practical baby hamper will be appreciated and used by the new parents, no matter how many other children they have in the house.

Some of the best baby gifts are not actually for the baby at all. New mums need love and support, and buying a New Mum Gift Hamper filled with beautiful items just for the new mum is a great way to share your love and support.

A pre-packed nappy bag is a great gift, as it takes away the burden of finding, purchasing and filling the nappy bag, and helps make the outings with baby in the early days much easier.

I will always include these on any list as they are special gift hampers that hold a very special place in my heart. Filled with items for both mum and baby, these are always the perfect gift for new parents, no matter how many children they already have.

Check out our full collection of baby gift hampers here, and new mum gift hampers here.


I hope this blog has helped you get ideas for baby gift hampers for second-time parents. We love helping you out with buying gifts and buying practical essentials for new mothers and for babies. Make sure to check out our other blogs for updates on all things Baby and Mumma Gifts, as well as to see updates of my own pregnancy journey and my days ahead as a third time mum!

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