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Our Brand New Baby Gift Hampers and New Mum Hampers

Are you as excited as we are to see our brand-new baby gift hampers and new mum hampers? We have just launched all these beautiful new hampers, and they are now available for purchase. In this blog, you'll get a rundown of all the new hampers and what is in each of them, and see which one is perfect for the special new mum or mum-to-be in your life.

Cute Baby Hamper

We designed this one just to be extra cute. Included in each Cute Baby Hamper is an adorable bunny toy, a bunny rug and snookie set for the baby, a Purebaby zip growsuit, and a set of three socks. Isn't it adorable? This one has both cute and practical elements, making it a wonderful gift to give a mum-to-be as a baby shower gift, or as a cute gift after the birth of a new baby.

Check them out here:

Newborn Baby Hamper

The Newborn Baby Hampers are a super cute addition to our lovely baby gift hamper collection. These are a little more budget-friendly, but still include beautiful products that every new mum will love for her baby. The Newborn Baby Hamper includes a board book, a Purebaby zip growsuit, and a koala teething ring. These products make a practical gift, and this hamper won't break the bank.

Check them out here:

Bump Pampering Pack

Designed just for special mums-to-be, this pampering pack is perfect for helping a mum-to-be pamper herself and enjoy self-care during her pregnancy. This nourishing and luxurious hamper includes a nurturing pregnancy bath soak, a belly lotion for the growing bump, and a glorious coffee scrub. Ensure the special mum-to-be feels pampered during her pregnancy with this one.

Birth Gift Box

This one is just for mums-to-be to help them through labour and delivery. With every item serving a special purpose during labour and delivery, it is sure to be a hit with a mum-to-be focused on natural childbirth. Included is: massage oil for back massage and acupressure during labour, birth essential oil with clary sage, a candle, heat pack and a spikey massage ball for acupressure and massage.

Caesarean Gift Hamper

A special hamper that has been made with C-section mums in mind. Each of these items are nourishing and will help the special new mum with her caesarean recovery. Included is: lactation biscuits from Franjos, coffee scrub for skin and pampering, belly oil for massage and skin recovery, a heat pack, and a lip balm for chapped lips after birth. As a fellow C-section mum, I know how challenging the recovery is after birth, and designed this hamper just for C-section mums.

Australiana Baby Hamper

If you're wanting to send a little piece of Australia to a special friend overseas or within Australia, this one is for you. With a koala theme, each of these items have been chosen to be cute, practical, and to remind the new parents of Australia. This lovely hamper is perfect for sending overseas and for anyone visiting Australia with a baby.

Practical Baby Hamper

When it comes to baby showers, practicality is one of the most important things to consider when buying a gift. We've put together this adorable hamper that fills that roll perfectly. When you purchase one of our practical baby hampers, you will know that every single item within this hamper. Included is a pack of eco-friendly newborn nappies, a baby body wash, barrier cream, and some soft and cuddly baby wash cloths.

We have worked so hard planning these hampers, and I'm so happy to finally be sharing them with you all! We will be celebrating their launch over the next few weeks, make sure you stay tuned to hear about it all!

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