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How we make our Baby Gift Hampers

Today for something different, I thought I’d give you a little behind the scenes look at how we make our Baby Gift Hampers. I’ll also let you in on a few secrets to help you at home if you’re creating your own Baby Gift Hamper for a loved one.

Here is the professional photo of the hamper I'm creating today. You can purchase one here.

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Firstly, we all know the most important thing when buying a gift hamper is the gift box! Check out our Gift Boxes. They are beautiful and all come with either a magnetic closing lid, or a white ribbon to tie them up. Aren’t they beautiful?

In order to give that really luxurious look, I put some tissue paper in the bottom, and leave plenty hanging over at the top and bottom, so I can seal it with a sticker with our logo, and the new mum gets that amazing feeling when she opens her Baby Gift Hamper and she gets to see what is inside.

We use wood wool in our hampers too. Check it out! While it can be very messy, it looks so nice in the bottom of the hamper.

Of course the next most important thing in your Baby Gift Hamper is the products. One of my favourite things about this business is choosing beautiful products to put into our hampers. This baby gift hamper is one of our Signature Mum and Baby Hampers, you’ll see all these beautiful products from Australian brands. This is our Baby Girl hamper, but there is also a Baby Boy Hamper, and a Unisex Baby Hamper here.

If you’re creating and sending your own baby gift hamper, I recommend buying some beautiful products for baby, but don’t forget to send something for the new mum as well. She will really appreciate a thoughtful gift that is just for her.

Included is:

This has been our most popular baby gift hamper and is definitely one of my personal favourites!

Here is the final product! Doesn't it look just like the professional phot?


I always put a little card in each of the baby gift hampers we make. When shopping, customers get to write their own messages. It’s lovely to see what everyone writes! If you can’t think of anything to write, you can just write something very simple on your baby gift hamper card, such as “congratulations on the arrival of baby (name). Lots of love, from (your name). This is enough to let the new mum know that you are thinking of them and you love and support them.


Packaging is a challenge when sending big baby gift hampers like this one. We purchase large shipping boxes that fit these large hamper boxes in them. When sending your own, make sure that you get a box that will securely fit your baby gift hamper inside without room to move. If you’re sending a smaller box, you can often fit it inside the Australia Post boxes. If doing this, don’t forget to fill the space with tissue paper, packing paper, or bubble wrap to keep the beautiful baby gift hamper safe during shipping.

We also hand deliver some of our baby gift hampers to those in our local area of Shepparton In those cases, we wrap a ribbon and bow around the outside, and deliver it to the lucky new mum and baby. This is one of my favourite jobs, as I get to see the look on the recipients face when they receive their gift!

If you’re hand delivering to a new mum, make sure you call in advance, or you can put the baby gift hamper on the front doorstep and text the new mum to tell her there is a gift there for her.


If you are posting a baby gift hamper, it’s always a great idea to select express post, so you can make sure that your parcel arrives within a very quick time frame.

We do a post office run every afternoon to help make sure that all the parcels get into the post as quickly as possible. In 2022, we will also be introducing courier delivery, meaning your parcels can be personally hand delivered the next business day after ordering. I can’t wait!

My tips for you:

If you’re making your own Baby Gift Hamper at home, here are my best tips to help you out:

· Choose high-quality items that the new mum will love

· Get a sturdy gift box that will be safe in the mail

· Pack your box with tissue paper, wood wool, or another material that will keep everything safe during transport or postage

· Wrap any breakable items in bubble wrap

· Don’t forget a card

· If posting in a box, make sure you pack the box with thick packing paper, loads of tissue paper, or bubble wrap to make sure it stays safe and secure in the mail

· Use a lot of tape. The post is

· Or, to save you the trouble, you could choose one of our Baby Gift Hampers, or Build your Own!

If you love seeing a little behind the scenes, be sure to follow along on Instagram and TikTok. xxx

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