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Five new gift ideas for new mums

A few months ago, I wrote one of our most popular blog posts, our top ten gift ideas for new mums, you can view it here. Since writing that blog post, I’ve enjoyed searching the web for new products to add to our collection. This post is all about highlighting the beautiful new products we have recently added.

Here at Baby and Mumma Gifts, we’re all about gifting for new mums and babies. My vision is to create gifts for new mums that focus on their wellbeing, self-care, and recovery. Unlike other gifting businesses, we focus on mums just as much as babies.

When I was a brand new mum, and after I had my second baby (via C section), the most memorable gifts I receive were those that focused on me and my wellbeing. These gifts felt special, as I knew that I was supported by those around me. From that moment onwards, when I bought gifts for new mums and babies, I knew to always buy something just for the new mother as well. As much as we all love buying cute little outfits, little toys, and those adorable little baby shoes and socks, I knew that buying something just for mum was just as important. This was my whole inspiration for starting Baby and Mumma Gifts while on maternity leave.

Since then, I’ve continued to expand our range to include all sorts of practical items for new mums, and items to help pamper new mums and make them feel special and loved.

To view all the items in this blog, check out the New Mum Gifts section of our store.

Here are just a few of the gorgeous gifts for new mums we’ve added to the website over the past few weeks:

Pregnancy and New Mumma Skincare from My Lilli Pilli:

If you’ve ever had a baby, or if you’re currently pregnant, you might remember the feeling of desperately trying to prevent and treat stretch marks. You might also have experienced the feeling of dry or itchy skin during pregnancy and the postpartum period. To help out with this, we’ve recently added some luxurious, nourishing skincare from My Lilli Pilli. My Lilli Pilli create natural, Australian made skincare just for pregnancy, postpartum and breastfeeding. I’ve chosen three beautiful items to add to our collection:

Stretched to the Limit Oil from AromaBaby:

The second brand we are proud to have added to our collection recently is Aroma Baby. Aroma Baby is a Melbourne based business that create natural skincare for mums and babies. Here is my favourite new mum gift from Aroma Baby.

Stretched to the Limit Belly Oil is designed just for pregnant and new mums to put on their bellies. It is perfect for massaging, hydrating, and promoting skin elasticity to help out in preventing stretch marks.

When I was pregnant with my first baby, one of my favourite gifts I received was a bottle of belly oil, which I religiously rubbed into my belly each night.

Nappy Bag:

Did you know a nappy bag is one of the most practical gift items you can give to a new mum? This is an item that they will use every single day. For added practicality, you can try adding all the items the new mum will need in her nappy bag – you can pack it for her! I’m loving this new nappy bag we’ve recently got in stock from My Sweet Little Trio – it really combines practicality and style. Purchase it here.

Clay Mask:

The Australian Green Clay Exfoliating mask from Miod Australian Skincare is another of our recent additions. Doesn’t every new mum need just a little bit of pampering? This is why we think the clay mask makes the perfect gift. Give a new mumma 15 minutes of relaxation with a clay mask – just 15 minutes is all it takes to exfoliate using this luxurious clay mask. Buy yours here.

Essential oil rollers:

How many new mums love essential oils? Personally, I love my essential oil rollers. They are perfect for relaxation. Just roll on the wrists, neck or wherever you feel needs some extra care. Give the gift of relaxation and aromatherapy. Perfect for use as part of an aromatherapy practice. Our two essential oils roller are calm blend, and uplifting blend.

*This one is not recommended for use during pregnancy

I am so excited to share these beautiful products with all of you! Do you have a favourite item? Let us know which one you love the most!

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