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15 Budget-Friendly Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Written by Rachel Preston Broughton - owner of Baby and Mumma Gifts

I wrote an article a few months back about budget-friendly baby shower gifts. I know that a few months down the track, many of us are still trying to save money and deal with cost of living increases. So I've decided to write another post sharing some of the best baby shower gifts we have on offer at Baby and Mumma Gifts for those who are wanting to save money!

Here is me with my gorgeous little boy just a few days old

But is it possible to purchase beautiful gifts on a budget? I’m here to tell you that yes, you can find beautiful gifts, even if you’re on a shoestring budget. Today I’ve put together a list of 15 great baby shower gift ideas for the budget conscious shopper. You don’t need to sacrifice quality in order to get something that is within a tight budget, and the special mum-to-be will never know how little you spent.

Here are our top 15 budget-friendly baby shower gift ideas:

All of these gift ideas are under $50, and we know you will love them!

Books make a great baby shower gift. New mums are always encouraged to read books to their babies from a very young age. It’s also common to ask for books instead of a baby shower gift, so that baby can have a beautiful book collection to choose from as they grow. Our favourite baby book is Each Peach Pear Plum, only $15 - my own children love searching through the book for the fairytale characters on each page.

Giving baby skincare products as baby shower gifts is not only budget-friendly, but also practical. Babies need sensitive skincare products, and giving these products means that your gift will be used every day by the new parents. We recommend a barrier cream and a baby wash, coming in at $17.95 each. These are especially great if your children are like mine and have sensitive skin or eczema.

Nappies make the most practical of all the baby shower gifts. As well as being practical, you can pick up a large pack of our eco-friendly nappies for under $30. Nappies are also something that new parents will always need more of, and something that never goes to waste.

Zip growsuits are a favourite among new parents. With zips making them nice and easy for every nappy change, zip growsuits are the perfect outfit for new babies. Here are our favourites in pink, blue and grey, at only $24.95 each. Every seasoned parent knows that the zips on these growsuits make them the perfect practical gift.

Bibs are used constantly with new babies. Pick up a couple of bibs as part of your baby shower gift without breaking the bank or sacrificing on the cuteness factor! All of this for under $10 each.

What is it about baby socks that make them so adorable? Baby socks make a very budget friendly baby shower gift option, and are also a practical and useful item that new parents will use regularly. Here are our favourites. 3 pairs of socks in a cute little box will only set you back $16.

What could be more useful than a muslin wrap? Muslin wraps have a variety of uses, including to swaddle baby, to use as a nursing cover for breastfeeding, to cover change mats, clean up mess from baby spit up, and many more. With our muslin wraps coming in under $15, they are a perfect budget baby shower gift.

Baby blankets are one of the most popular baby shower gifts. While some love to hand-knit a baby blanket, or spend big dollars on a woolen or personalised baby blanket, a cotton blanket makes a budget friendly option that is still perfect for a new parent to use with their new baby. Here are our blankets, starting from only $19.

Rattles are super cute, and one of the first toys that a baby will engage with. Baby rattles are lovely to add to a baby shower gift. Check out our collection here, our favourites are the adorable soft animal rattles for only $11.99

Our baby bunnies have been among our most popular of all our baby gift items. These bunnies are just adorable, and will make a beautiful keepsake and companion for the special new baby. Not only are they cute and cuddly, but they will only set you back $29.

Where else can you purchase a beautiful handmade baby gift for under $50? These adorable baby beanie and bootie sets are hand-knitted and make the most lovely gift for a new baby, especially one being worn in the winter months. Available in pink, blue, or neutral, and only $35.

One of our main aims at Baby and Mumma Gifts is to ensure that new mums are included in the gifting, as well as babies. New mums have done the hard yards, and need the love and support of their friends and families as well. Purchasing practical and nurturing gifts is a lovely way to show your love. And at just $22, our Franjos Kitchen lactation biscuits make the perfect budget-friendly baby shower gift.

Along the same lines as the lactation biscuits, belly oils and lotions are a special gift you can give to a special mum-to-be in your life to help her through her pregnancy and postpartum period. Make her feel nurtured and loved, without breaking the bank. Check out our range of skincare for new mums and mums-to-be here, with our favourite belly oil coming in at only $39.

A postpartum sitz bath soak is a lovely addition to any baby shower gift, and is just for mum. This soak allows self-care, recovery, and relaxation in new mums after the birth of their baby. Also budget friendly and under $20.

If you want to go even more budget friendly than the above options for mum, look no further than a beautiful body scrub. Enriched with beautiful scents, and made just for new and expectant mothers, these beautiful body scrubs will be appreciated by the special mum-to-be on her baby shower, and only $16.95.

I hope this article has helped you when choosing a baby shower gift without breaking the bank! Remember, we are Australia's number one online baby shower gift store, and don't forget to check out our baby shower planning guide with free printables and planning checklist!

Author bio:

Rachel Preston Broughton is the owner of Baby and Mumma Gifts, a mum of two gorgeous children, and also loves blogging for this gorgeous business!

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