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  • What to put in a Baby Shower Gift Basket:

    But what should you put in a baby shower gift basket? Our favourite recommendation is our silicone breast pump. · Baby blankets – Every baby needs a blanket. A hand crochet blanket made just for baby is extra special. If you can’t crochet, another lovely option is to add one of our crochet blankets to your baby shower

  • Best Baby Hampers from Baby and Mumma Gifts:

    It also includes a swaddle, blanket, bib and adorable animal rattle, all in pink. Included is a crochet blanket, a Muslim swaddle wrap, a jumpsuit, a bib, and an adorable animal rattle Essentials Gift Hamper Second time parents usually have everything they need for their new baby, including blankets

  • How to choose a Baby Hamper:

    This is our signature baby gift hamper and includes a crochet blanket, a swaddle, a jumpsuit, a bib, These baby hampers also include a swaddle, crochet blanket, bib, and adorable animal shaped rattle.

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