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Why you should buy a New Mum Hamper as a baby shower gift

New Mum Hampers make an amazing and thoughtful gift for a new mum-to-be, and really make a difference. Babies get so many gifts. If you've been to a few baby showers, you will have seen that almost all the gifts are for babies. The new mum-to-be will be showered with gifts for baby, including clothing, baby linen and blankets, toys, teddies, rattles, baby skincare, and just about everything else the new parents need for their babies. What is often missing from these beautiful gifts, is a gift just for the new mum-to-be. Here is why I think we should change this, and start giving gifts for the new mum at every baby shower and after every birth.

1) Give a New Mum Hamper to help the New Mum focus on her own recovery and wellbeing:

New Mums spend so much time focusing on their babies. Babies need feeding 8 - 12 times a day when they are first born. Some babies also want to be held all of the time, and won't be happy unless they are being held close to their mum. This can be a really challenging time for new mums, and can mean that they have very little time for themselves to focus on their own recovery and wellbeing. Giving a New Mum Hamper as a gift helps the new mum to focus on herself. When you give her a beautiful postpartum healing bath soak, it allows the new mum to take some time to herself in the bath, enjoying the relaxation of the bath, while also helping her body heal after birth. When you give a box of delicious lactation biscuits, you are providing the new mum with a delicious and nutritious snack that will support her breastfeeding journey. All of this supports the new mum in focusing on herself and her own wellbeing.

2) Give a New Mum Hamper full of practical gifts for the New Mum's postpartum recovery:

New mums need quite a few products in the early postpartum period. A whole lot of products are helpful for postpartum recovery, including sitz bath soak, nursing balm, breast pump and milk savers, as well as reusable nursing pads. A new mum hamper is filled with a variety of these products and more. These are all practical products that are necessary for new mums for their recovery, but not the type of practical products usually included in baby shower gifts. When you give a new mum hamper as a gift, you know the new mum will use and appreciate each of the products given to her.

3) Give a New Mum Hamper to remind the New Mum that her needs are important as well:

With so much focus on the baby, new mums often put their own needs last. A gift just for the new mum can help with this. It empowers her to make sure she focuses on her own needs, and reminds her that her needs are important too. A simple gift of beautiful skincare, a bath soak, or an essential oil roller allows the new mum to have some beautiful time just for her, outside of her role as a mother.

4) Give a New Mum Hamper to support her with her breastfeeding:

Ask any breastfeeding mother and they will tell you that the beginning of breastfeeding can be a really challenging time. A new mum hamper packed with products designed for breastfeeding mothers can be really helpful. Check out our Breastfeeding Support Hamper filled with practical, supportive products to help a new mum through her breastfeeding journey, including a breast pump and milk saver, hot and cold reusable gel packs, lactation biscuits and more.

5) Give a New Mum Hamper to show her that you care about her:

Giving a new mum hamper is a wonderful way to show the new mum-to-be that you love and care for her. I think it is even more special to buy something just for her, rather than the baby, as you are showing that you support her.

A new mum hamper makes one of the best gifts you can give for a baby shower, or to celebrate the birth of a new baby. Check out our full selection of New Mum Hampers here.

Here are some of my favourites:

Author Bio:

Rachel Preston Broughton is the owner of Baby and Mumma Gifts, and a passionate supporter of new mums. Rachel loves creating beautiful gifts just for new mums to support their wellbeing. Rachel is a mum of two and loves creating memories with them.

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