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What to put into a baby gift hamper:

The 7 things you need to put in your Baby Gift Hamper

As the experts in all things baby gifts hampers, we know you want to create a gift that is beautiful, and meaningful for the special new parents in your life. You might be looking at purchasing a ready made baby gift hamper (see here for our selection), or you might be looking for ideas on creating your own baby gift hamper. Another option is to use our “build your own hamper” section to choose the items you want to put in a baby gift hamper, and we’ll put it together, write on the card for you, and send it off for you.

If you want to create something that is meaningful, special, and that you know the special new parents will love, read on to see our great ideas!

We think baby gift hampers make a wonderful gift! Here are ten reasons why we think they are perfect for your next baby shower or to celebrate the birth of a new baby.

Ideas on what to put in a baby gift hamper:

Baby clothing is a wonderful gift that every new parent will use. For a baby gift hamper, we recommend choosing clothing that is practical and easy. Think of things that are going to be easy to dress baby in day or night, and things that are easy to change a nappy in. Zipper jumpsuits are very practical, and great to add to your baby hamper.

Baby skincare is yet another very practical item that every new parent needs, and something that will be used every day. Some skincare products that new parents need include: barrier cream, lotion, and body wash. Organic and fragrance-free baby skincare is great for babies sensitive skin.

Remember that the new mum has been through a lot recently. She is recovering from pregnancy and birth, and learning to take care of her new little baby. Many mums find the postpartum period to be an emotional one, and giving a little gift of something just for mum can be a really nice way to show your support and love. Something special for mum in your baby gift hamper will be very much appreciated by the new mum.

Books are important for babies right from birth. Reading to babies from their early days can help them develop their language skills, and later improve their literacy and reading. Board books are great because the baby can hold them and learn to turn pages from a young age. Choose some favourite books available in board books and include them in your baby gift hamper


Comforters and little teddies are just adorable. New parents may also wish to choose one or two special toys to become a special lovey for baby. Other toys can go on display, or be used by baby during play right from birth. These make a lovely addition to a baby gift hamper.

6. Nappies and other essentials:

Nappies are perhaps the most essential items of all, and certainly the items that the new parents will use more of than any other. Purchasing nappies is a practical way you can support the new parents. You could also add some other essential items such as wipes to your baby gift hamper.

Ask any new parents, and they will tell you how much they love reading the cards full of messages of love and support. Writing a lovely note to go into your baby gift hamper is the final touch you need to make it a really special gift.

How can Baby and Mumma Gifts help with your baby gift hamper:

Baby and Mumma Gifts is an online gift store where you can purchase all of the beautiful items in this list, and more. We are proud of our range and love to create beautiful things for our customers. We can help in three ways:

1. Baby Gift Hampers already made: If you want to take ALL the hard work out of making a baby gift hamper, check out our selection of baby gift hampers. We’ve chosen a whole variety of beautiful products to put in each hamper, and we’ve got a hamper that will suit every need and budget. We also offer free delivery on all orders over $99. Check here for all baby gift hampers, baby boy hampers, or baby girl hampers.

2. Build your Own Baby Gift Hamper: We also have an option to build your own baby gift hamper using products that you choose yourself. Choose a size option that you would like, and fill your cart with everything you want in your baby gift hamper. Then we will put it together, write on the card, and package it all up beautifully, ready for the special new parents and baby.

3. You can buy any of our products individually, and we’ll mail them out to you. You can then put them together into a baby gift hamper yourself, or wrap them, or present them in any way that makes the gift special for you and the lovely new parents.

We love all things baby gifts, and we love helping our customers make the gifting process as wonderful as possible! If you have any questions about our baby gift hampers, or if you need any help selecting something special, please feel free to contact us here, or see our “about our baby gift hampers and FAQ” page for help!

Happy Gifting!

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