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What to pack in the hospital for baby and mum:

Updated: Sep 21, 2023

Your complete hospital packing list for new mums:

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I see this question posted all over Facebook and Instagram every day. What should I pack in my bag for the hospital when having a baby? And it’s a good question. What do new mums need? What do new babies need? There are a few necessary items that you absolutely must have (think nappies, clothing, and pads), and there are some luxury items that you might like to take that help you relax!

I’ve had two babies and each time I think I overpacked and had far too many things. At the same time, both times I had to send my husband out to the supermarket to buy me more things. You would think I would have learnt by now!

So here is my completely comprehensive list of items that are 100% essential, and a list of luxury items that you might also like to bring along too if they help you relax and feel great along your recovery.

Items for new mums:

· Snacks – this is the absolute most important thing to pack! After having my first baby I was so, so hungry. I couldn’t get enough food into me. I had barely taken any snacks and I was stuck in hospital away from my kitchen and away from anywhere to buy snacks. The second time around, I brought the following snacks:

o Lactation biscuits

o Muesli bars

o Popcorn

o Up and Go

o Protein balls

· Clothing – bring a few extra sets of clothing in case you need to stay longer

· Nursing bras – pack more than you think you will need. Milk can go everywhere and you might need to change these often

· Nursing singlets – These can be nice and comfortable and convenient, especially for night time.

· Maternity or Giant Underwear – Go to the shop and buy the biggest granny undies you can find. And pack plenty. Your pads after birth can be a little bit terrifying so bring plenty of changes of underwear.

· Breast pads – I love the reusable ones

· Breastfeeding essentials – these are wonderful for the beginning of the breastfeeding journey

· Lip balm and moisturiser for dry lips and skin

· Pjs – or something comfy you like to sleep in

· Toiletries – toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, soap. I brought some lovely coconut scented toiletries. These made me feel really lovely and luxurious.

· Phone charger

· Hair ties or a nice big scrunchie

· Drink bottle

If you want to feel extra luxurious, you might like to also add in:

· Your own gown and robe. I’ve seen some beautiful ones just for birth and postpartum advertised online.

· Essential oils, aromatherapy and candles: These can be beautiful to help you relax during the labour and as a new mum during the postpartum period

· Music

· Anything else to help you relax for labour

· Your own pillow

· Heat pack

· Eye mask and ear plugs – hospitals are noisy and bright and you need your rest!

For baby:

Of course, the other half of this list needs to focus on baby. Here is everything you need for baby:

· Nappies

· Wipes

· Jumpsuits – bring quite a few of these. And make sure they are practical ones with zips – no one likes putting on press studs, or putting anything over baby’s head during the middle of the night

· Cloths which can be used as burp rags

· Singlets

· Swaddle wraps – bring a few of these for new baby, they always seem to get wet or dirty as often as the baby’s outfits

· Blanket

· Hat – This is the time to bring out those gorgeous, hand-knitted beanies!

· Baby’s soap, nappy cream, and lotion

· Baby’s car seat – obviously you won’t be packing this in a bag, but it is one of the most important things you need for after your baby is born!

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What else did you pack in your hospital bag? Have we missed anything important? Let us know in the comments!

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