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What do new mums actually need?

Your complete guide to buying practical gifts for new mums

If you’re searching for the perfect gift, you want something practical, that you know the new mum will love and use. Rather than buying teddies, little outfits, or tiny socks, you might be looking for gift items that are practical and special. But if you haven’t had a baby, or if it’s been a long time, you might be wondering:

“What do new mums actually need?”

Below I’ve put together a list of a huge variety of things that new mums actually want and need during their pregnancy and the postpartum period, for both themselves and their baby.

We have everything a new mum needs in our New Mum Gifts collection, and we know you will find something beautiful for the special new mum in your life.


Nappies are one of the most important things that new mums need. They will be used every single day. If you’re looking for an extra special touch, you could remove the nappies from the packaging, and write a little message on each of the nappies. That way when the new mum is changing babies nappy, she can see your words of encouragement!

Shop newborn nappies here.

Nappy bag

A nappy bag is one of the most essential items a new mum will use. We recommend a backpack style, as this is easiest for the new mum to carry around while also dealing with a baby, prams, and anything else she needs to take with her. As an extra nice touch, pack the nappy bag full of nappies and other essential items for the new mum.

Lactation biscuits

One of the most important things that new mums need is snacks! Lactation biscuits are a great snack, but they are also nutritious, and designed just for breastfeeding mums. When you gift a box of lactation biscuits, you will be giving the new mum not only a great snack, but also assisting her on her breastfeeding journey.

Breast milk saver

A breast milk saver is one of the most useful items a breastfeeding mum can ever use. This little breast pump is attached to the breast while the mother is feeding on the other side, and catches all the milk that would otherwise be wasted. It is super handy and helps new mums build a stash of milk for the freezer without having to do anything extra. This is hands down the best breastfeeding product for new mums.

Nursing balm

Nursing balm is another essential for breastfeeding mums. Many mums know the struggles of tender or painful breasts at the beginning of breastfeeding. Nursing balm is designed to help relieve pain on the nipples and to help promote healing.

Lotion, moisturiser and lip balm

Dry skin and dry lips are very common during pregnancy, birth and postpartum. Lip balms, moisturisers and lotions can help relieve dry skin, and can also help new mums feel a little more human and more like themselves after they have their baby. When buying for a mum who hasn’t had her baby yet, make sure you purchase pregnancy safe skincare. See our blog post about ingredients to avoid here.

Postpartum healing sitz bath

A sitz bath is something that is recommended after birth to cleanse and relieve tenderness and swelling in the vagina area. Sitz baths are helpful for healing after birth, but are also a relaxing experience for new mums. Sitz baths with Epsom salts and essential oils are perfect for new mums.

Check out our sitz bath soak here.

Zipper jumpsuits

Zipper jumpsuits are another super useful thing that new mums always need more of! Previously, jumpsuits with buttons were popular, but the zippers have made life so much easier for new parents. The zips make nappy changes and changing clothes much easier, and they are also super cute and snuggly.

Purebaby makes the cutest zipper jumpsuits, check out the ones we stock here in pink, blue, or grey.

Books for baby

Books are one of the few things you can never have enough of. It’s recommended that parents start reading to their children from a young age, as this helps with their literacy and language development. Some of our favourite books include: Each Peach Pear Plum, Ten Little Fingers Ten Little Toes, and Kissed by the Moon. When buying a book, it’s also a lovely idea to write a little message to baby in the inside of the cover so it can be cherished by baby forever.

A hooded towel

A hooded towel is not only adorable, but also practical. When baby gets out of the bath, they are cold and want to be wrapped up right away. New parents will love wrapping their baby up in the hooded towel. You can purchase one here.

Baby Skincare

New Mums definitely need baby skincare. Babies have very sensitive skin, therefore many of the skincare products used by adults will not be appropriate for babies. Barrier cream is also a baby skincare product that will be used frequently by new parents for nappy rash, broken skin, rashes and itches. Baby wash, lotion and massage oil are also essential for new babies.

If you’re still not sure, we also stock a range of baby gift hampers and new mum hampers that are packed full of things that new mums need. Here are a few of our most practical ones:

Our baby essentials hamper is filled with everything a new mum needs for her new baby, including many of the items on this list. With nappies, wipes, clothing, muslin wraps, baby skincare and more, every new mum will be delighted to open this hamper filled with only the most practical baby items we have to offer.

This hamper is filled with products that are just for mum. Including lactation biscuits, moisturiser, lip balm, nursing and belly balm, as well as a heat pack and scented candle, the new mum hamper is perfect for spoiling a new mum, and providing her with what she needs for pregnancy, birth and postpartum. Shop your new mum hamper here today.

The postpartum care hamper is filled with products specifically for postpartum recovery. Postpartum recovery is a time that is often neglected, and mums are often expected to just get on with parenting, without taking the time to fully rest and recover. The postpartum care hamper is designed to facilitate wellbeing, recovery, and self-care in new mums. Each of the items are practical and helpful for new mums. Purchase a postpartum hamper here.

If the new mum in your life is planning to breastfeed, preparing for breastfeeding is very important. We've selected all the essentials a new mum needs to make her breastfeeding journey as easy as possible. With the breastfeeding support hamper, you know that you are gifting something that is practical, nourishing, and supportive. Included in this hamper are nursing pads, nursing balm, lactation biscuits, and more.

What did you think of our list? I hope you found something useful on our list, and I hope it has helped give you an idea of some of the important things new mums need! If you'd like to hear more from us, please subscribe to our email list, or follow us on facebook, instagram, or Tiktok!

Happy Gifting!

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