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The best influencers for mums to follow on instagram:

Are you a mum who loves Instagram as much as I do? Before having kids, Instagram used to be all about fun, fashion and keeping up with friends and my favourite influencers. But since having my babies, Instagram has actually been a major source of learning for me! I have learnt so much about parenting, babies and kids. While previous generations might have read parenting books or learnt from their families around them, these days we are learning online. So who do mums need to follow for information and advice on their kids and babies?

Here are some of my favourite accounts to follow on Instagram:

Big Little Feelings:

Hands down THE best account to follow to help you with all the difficult behaviour our toddlers show us. The Big Little Feelings team is two mums and parenting experts based in the US who share all their knowledge about toddlers, tantrums, brain development and difficult behaviour. Their stories are filled with wonderful tips and advice every single day. They also are mums who share all sorts of stories about their own kids and lives. Their account is raw, honest and also inspirational. They give excellent tips on how to deal with difficult behaviours such as tantrums, sibling rivalry, food and eating vegetables, and, of course, feelings. They also have an online course which I highly recommend! If your baby isn’t yet at the toddler tantrum stage, this is an excellent resource to learn about what to expect for the toddler years so you are fully prepared!

Kids Eat In Colour:

This is the number one account for all things fussy eating! This account is run by another US mum and dietician who is an expert on helping your kids eat healthy foods, including vegetables while also maintaining a healthy attitude towards food and without the pressure. As well as wonderful advice on fussy eating, Kids Eat In Colour also shares recipes and food ideas for children of a variety of ages.

Natural Parent Magazine:

This is an Australian and New Zealand magazine, website and social media account for all things gentle parenting. The Natural Parent Magazine regularly shares articles, memes, pictures and information about all things pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding, parenting and motherhood. They cover all aspects of parenting and have really helped me to feel that I am not alone during difficult times with babies and children.

Play at Home Mummy:

Play at Home Mummy is brilliant for ideas of all sorts of activities for children. She posts fun craft activities, play ideas, and fun things to keep your children entertained. This is especially useful during the school holidays! I love seeing activities that link with popular books, and love seeing play ideas that don’t require any toys, or any waste.

The Gentle Mamma:

I love the Gentle Mumma! She shares all things gentle parenting. This page is full of information about gentle sleep practices, co-sleeping, gentle discipline, play ideas, child mental health, and parental wellbeing. The content on the Gentle Mamma’s page is a combination of inspiration, information, and personal stories. It is a great resource for anyone beginning their parenting journey and interested in learning about gentle parenting.

Postpartum push:

This one is an account of an OB and a midwife. It is full of everything mums need to know about the postpartum period. They talk about postpartum mental health, physical health, nutrition, recovery from birth, and breastfeeding. It’s a wonderful place to not feel alone if you are finding your body and mind a bit crazy after having a baby.

The Mama Physio:

We all know how important to do our pelvic floor exercises! The Mama Physio is a great resource for all things pelvic floor, pregnancy, and postpartum. She also runs pilates classes for pregnant mums and postpartum mums. I love seeing the information about exercise and it’s wonderful to know that it is coming from an expert, not anyone trying to sell an inappropriate exercise program or pressuring mums to “bounce back”.

Baby and Mumma Gifts:

This is a shameless plug, Baby and Mumma Gifts is my page! On my Instagram page, I love sharing memes, funny reels, inspiration, stories about my family, and information about my gorgeous products.

Who else do you love following? Let me know in the comments!

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Remember that the best influencers to follow depend on your interests, needs, and parenting style. Take some time to explore these accounts and find the ones that resonate most with you and your parenting journey. A popular account must have at least 5000 instagram followers.

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