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Some of my Favourite Baby Gift Ideas:

Best Baby Gift Ideas:

When someone special in your life has a baby, buying a gift is very exciting! You might want to buy something very special and meaningful, or perhaps something practical that the new parents will use with their baby every day. Either way, if you’re looking for a great baby gift, this post is sure to have something special for the new parents and baby. As the owner of Baby and Mumma Gifts, I can give you a few insights into some of the most popular baby gifts and hampers. Here are just a few of our bestselling baby gifts:

Nappies make the ultimate practical gift. Nappies are something that every new parent is going to use a lot of and use every single day. Make sure you find out whether the new parents are planning on using cloth or disposable nappies. If they want eco-friendly nappies, make sure you purchase those. If you think that nappies make a bit of a boring gift, putting them into a baby gift hamper filled with other essentials or cute items is a great option. For an extra special touch, write some messages of love and support on the nappies, or even just some funny things for the new parents to read. These messages can really brighten up the new parents’ days (or nights) when changing endless nappies.

Baby clothing is another super practical gift item. If you are wanting something that will be used every day and is very practical, zip grow suits are a great option. The zips make for easy nappy changes, and they are easy to change, even if the new parents are sleep deprived. If you want something more on the cute side, a special baby outfit can also be a great option. I recommend purchasing in a bigger size, as babies can often outgrow newborn sized clothes before they get a chance to wear a special going out outfit.

Something for mum:

Often new parents will receive a lot of gifts for the baby, but very few gifts for the new mum. Giving birth and looking after a newborn can be a lot of hard work and giving something special to the new mum can be really appreciated and is a great way to show your support to the new mum. Some great gift ideas for new mums include lactation cookies or supplies, pampering products, skin lotions or oils, and snacks. A new mum hamper is a great way to show your love and give the new mum products that are helpful for her own self-care and wellbeing.

Babies have very delicate skin, and most new parents buy specific products to use on their new baby. Baby massage oil, baby soap, and nappy change cream all make great additions to any baby gift or hamper. When purchasing skincare for a new baby, look for natural products that are designed specifically for baby.

Books are one thing that babies can never have too many of. Fill the baby’s bookshelves with some favourite board books for them to enjoy for years to come. You could also write a little note to the baby in the front of the book so the new parents and the baby will always remember it is from you. My personal favourite children’s book is Each Peach Pear Plum. If you have a favourite, it’s great to share it with the new baby.

Bunny plush toys are super cute and cuddly and make a really special gift for a new baby. Not only are they a great keepsake item for baby, but they also make a great snuggly friend for the baby as they grow. If you want to make the bunnies extra special, you could have them personalised with the baby’s name on them or purchase a colour that matches the colour scheme of the nursery or baby’s wardrobe.

When babies are small, they don’t play with many toys. Some of the first toys they will likely pick up will be rattles and sensory toys. Rattles allow children to learn about the world around them and gain sensory experiences. There are also some super cute designs available. Make sure you purchase rattles that are age appropriate and are made from materials safe for babies.

Baby Gift Hampers are a great option for baby gifts. The delivery of a baby gift hamper is something really special for the new parents. Choosing and filling the baby gift hamper with products that are meaningful to you and the new parents is also very meaningful. You could choose baby gifts items that are practical, cute, or whatever fits with your own style and the style of the new parents. You could choose either a curated hamper or choose your own products to go inside. Don’t forget to include a heartfelt card, as many new parents love to keep these and look back on them in years to come.

When you purchase anything from this list for a new baby and new parents, you’ll be sure to be gifting something that is meaningful and special, and showing your love and support for the new parents. With each baby gift that you give to a special new parent and baby in your life, you are showing your love, support and care, which is something so important to every new parent right after they have their baby and beyond.

Author Bio:

Rachel Preston Broughton is the owner and resident mum and baby gift expert at Baby and Mumma Gifts. Rachel is a mother of two and has always enjoyed creating beautiful gifts for friends and family for baby showers, births, and other special occasions. You can find Rachel’s Baby Gift Hampers here, or a full range of gifts and hampers for babies here.

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