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Is it better to buy a gift for the baby or for the new mum?

As an e-commerce store specialising in gifts for new mums AND babies, this is a question we see come up a lot. Especially when it comes to baby showers, some of our customers are asking or googling: Should you buy a gift for the mum or the baby?

Our short answer to this question is that you should buy for the new mum. Whenever I am invited to a baby shower, or have a friend who is having a baby, I love to give a gift that is for mum. Here are my reasons why:

Reasons to buy for the new mum:

1) Everyone else will buy for the baby:

Everyone loves to buy cute little items for a new baby. Cute little outfits, practical things like nappies, and useful items like baby carriers can make really popular gifts for new babies. These gifts are AMAZING, and something that new mums definitely appreciate, but I know they will get a lot of them. Something that is meaningful, different, and sure to bring happiness to the new mum, is a gift that is just for her.

2) Mums have gone through a lifechanging experience and deserve some love:

Remember it is the mum who has gone through pregnancy, which can be extremely difficult, and the birth, and now spending all her time caring for the baby while being woken multiple times overnight by the baby, buying something just for the mum is something extremely supportive and caring to do. Buying something to help the mum with her recovery, breastfeeding, or self-care can be something to show her that she deserves to be showered in gifts to, and acknowledges her important roll in caring for and raising her baby.

3) Many mums struggle with self-care after birth:

Being a new mum can be challenging, and often new mums spend most of their waking hours doing things like holding and comforting their baby, learning to breastfeed, and doing household chores. There often isn’t much time for mums to spend on themselves. This is especially true if the new mum has older children to take care of as well. When you give a gift that focuses on the new mum, it encourages and enables her to take some time for herself.

4) Many mums have their own ideas of what they would like for their babies

Some mums have a personally designed nursery, with a theme, and they may already have clothes chosen, and have their own ideas on products they would like to use for their babies. By buying a gift for them, and not their baby, you will avoid buying things that are not needed.

5) Many mums will have everything they need for baby already:

While buying baby clothing, books, and toys is a lovely gesture, it may not be practical if they have already purchased or been given everything they need. If the new mum already has other children, or if she has people close to her with children and is receiving hand-me-down or second-hand items from them, she will likely already have everything she needs for the baby.

A compromise:

I know there will be many of our readers who want to buy something both for mum and baby. I think this is a great compromise. This way you can gift something really cute or practical for the baby, as well as something for the mum that is just for her and her own self-care or recovery.

This does not have to be something big, you don’t have to buy a huge hamper for both mum and baby. Something small added for mum alongside your gift for baby is sufficient and something that will always be appreciated.

If you’re looking for ideas for mum and baby, here are a few of my favourite ideas:

Mum and Bub Hampers:

These are great for those with a budget under $100. Included in these are super cute items for baby, as well as gorgeous products for mum that we know she will love. The Physic Garden skincare products are designed just for new mums and mums-to-be. As well as smelling AMAZING, they are naturopathically formulated to assist with stretch marks, skin elasticity, and discomfort associated with

breastfeeding. And for baby there is a cute jumpsuit and an adorable animal rattle, as well as an artisan handmade child’s soap.

Signature Mum and Baby Hampers:

If there are a few of you going in on a gift, or if you have more budget to spend, a Signature Mum and Baby Hamper is the ultimate gift that caters for both mum and baby. I love every single product in these hampers, and I know that every new mum will appreciate them. Included for mum is: Franjos Kitchen Lactation cookies, postpartum healing bath soak, belly balm, and a gorgeous hand-poured scented candle. But with these hampers, you also get to give something delightful for baby. For baby we have included; a bunny plush toy, a teething ring rattle, a zip jumpsuit, nappy change cream, and a board book.

Here are the links to the PINK, BLUE, or GREY Signature Mum and Baby Hampers!

Want to buy something for mum? Check out our New Mum Gift Hampers collection here.

I hope you enjoyed this blog about buying for mums as well. If you love it, we'd love you to share this with someone who might love it too.

Happy gifting!

Author Bio:

Rachel Preston Broughton is the owner of Baby and Mumma Gifts, and our own gifting experts. Rachel has two children, and has attended many baby showers. With years of experience gifting, Rachel is the best person to advise on all things gifts for mums and babies.

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