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How to choose a Baby Hamper:

At Baby and Mumma Gifts, we love to celebrate new mums and new babies with our unique and beautiful baby hampers and new mum gift hampers.

What could be more special and precious than an adorable new baby? And what could be more special than buying a baby hamper for a new mum? Our baby hampers are second only to our range of gifts for new mums. So which baby hamper should you choose?

Here is an overview of all our special baby hampers:

Welcome Baby Hamper (pink, blue, or grey)

Our Welcome Baby Hamper has the essentials for all new babies. This is our signature baby gift hamper and includes a crochet blanket, a swaddle, a jumpsuit, a bib, and an adorable little animal rattle. This has been our single most popular baby hamper, I think due to its adorable nature, and the fact that it includes so much of what a new mum needs for her new baby. This baby gift hamper comes in pink, blue, or grey.

Deluxe Baby Hamper: (pink or blue)

This is my personal favourite baby hamper. The star of this hamper is the hand knitted beanie and bootie set. Every baby needs a gorgeous beanie and bootie set for the beginnings of life. These baby hampers also include a swaddle, crochet blanket, bib, and adorable animal shaped rattle. What could be cuter? Choose from pink or blue.

This one is for anyone who wants to gift something very practical! Our new Baby Essentials hamper has all the practical items that a new mum needs for the hospital, her change table or her nappy bag. Included in this gorgeous baby gift hamper includes nappies, wipes, nursing balm for breastfeeding, a swaddle, a cloth, a bib, a jumpsuit, baby lotion, baby nappy cream, a scrunchie for new mum, and nursing pads for breastfeeding mums. What more could you need out of a baby hamper?

This is one of our perfect hampers for both mum and baby! Included in this baby gift hamper is the most adorable hooded towel, with a penguin! What could be cuter than a baby in a hooded towel? Also included in this hamper is beautiful Australian, organic skincare from Little Innoscents. This is perfect for both mum and baby. In this baby skincare hamper is lotion, intensive soothing cream, body wash and shampoo, and a baby massage oil. These baby skincare products are certified organic and just perfect for any new mum and baby to use together. Choose this beautiful baby hamper for a mum who loves quality products for herself and her baby.

This baby gift hamper includes just our gorgeous certified-organic skincare for baby and mum from Little Innoscents. The lotion, body wash, massage oil, and intensive soothing cream are perfect for both mum and baby.

New Baby Hamper (pink or grey):

This is our smallest hamper, which is perfect when you just want to send something little to someone you care about. Our New Baby Hamper includes a board book, adorable rattle, and a little jumpsuit. This makes a perfect little gift.

Add ons: You can also add on to any of our hampers a hooded towel, a beanie and bootie set (in pink or natural), or a gorgeous baby book to any of our baby gift hampers.

Is there something else you need? Let us know what else we should include in our hampers. We can also personalise a hamper just for you! Just send us an email or contact us here to let us know what you need!

How do new mums feel when they receive a baby hamper from Baby and Mumma Gifts?

Our new mums love our hampers, and our customers love sending them to their friends and family!

Thank you for creating such wonderful baby and mumma gifts, my beautiful friend was delighted with her hamper. I loved that I was able to gift her with something uniquely special that is going to nourish her during the postpartum period. The purchasing and delivery process was so quick and seamless.

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