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Hospital Bags for Mum and Baby - Our Brand New Collections

Packing your hospital bag for when you give birth is a big deal. When you are in hospital, you will meet your baby for the first time. It is the first time you need to think about dressing your baby, changing nappies, feeding baby, and other early milestones. You might already be thinking about what to pack in your hospital bag, and might be stressing about what to pack for both yourself and your baby. Here at Baby and Mumma Gifts, we are here to help you. We recently launched a whole collection of essentials with everything you need for hospital for both mum and baby. Make sure to check out our collections below:

Want a free checklist for packing your hospital bag and nappy bag? Click below to get your copy!

Our brand new collections:

Read about some of my favourite products in the new collections:

If you’re looking for the bag you want to pack everything in, our hospital overnight bag is big enough to fit everything in, including your clothing, toiletries, and postpartum essentials. This stylish bag has straps to go over your shoulders, or you can carry it with the handles. This bag will also be useful for many years to come whenever you need an overnight bag for yourself or your child. You can purchase yours here.

As part of our brand-new collections, we have added some pre-packed hospital bag bundles. Take all the guest work and challenges out, and we’ll pack everything for you, including toiletries, postpartum essentials, and more. With each of these bundles, you can rest knowing that your hospital bag is taken care of, just throw in a change of clothes and be ready for hospital.

This pack from Purebaby is truly unique, as it includes all the clothing you need for your baby for a hospital stay, as well as a baby sleeping bag, swaddle wrap, socks, hat and singlets. Purebaby products are always ethically made from super soft sustainable materials, and are nice and snuggly for your baby. Get everything you need for baby in the one place, and avoid running around the stores to different sections for everything you need.

All the Postpartum Essentials you need:

The early postpartum period is both an amazing and challenging time. While you enjoy getting to know your baby and basking in the newborn love bubble, you might also be experiencing some not so pleasant symptoms during your recovery. Here we have some products that will make things a little bit easier for you during this exciting but difficult time.

Peri bottle: A peri bottle is used to help soothe, cleanse and relieve discomfort after birth. Use a peri bottle to wash clean water over yourself while using the bathroom, or to gently clean your vaginal area, which can be painful after a vaginal birth.

Disposable Postpartum underwear: The early days of the postpartum period can be a blur. Having some disposable postpartum underwear in your hospital bag can be very helpful. With these disposable underwear, you can rest assured you will be protected and need not worry about leaks.

I just love this versatile piece of clothing. Use your gown for labour, birth and postpartum. This loose fitting gown is made from super soft material, and converts for use when you need it. Perfect for labour, with a space to have an epidural placed, and with folding flaps for breastfeeding and skin-to-skin after your baby is born, you’ll be sure to get lots of use from this gown. When you head home, this gown is also a comfortable piece of clothing with easy access for breastfeeding.

While you might not need this one while you’re in the hospital, you’ll definitely want this one when you get home. A baby carrier is one of the most useful things you can purchase for your newborn. This comfortable stretchy wrap is great for use with a newborn and can be used all the way through to toddlerhood. Carry your baby around with you throughout the day to help soothe them, bond with them, and also have your hands free at all times. When your baby is fussing, overtired, or only wanting to sleep in your arms, a baby carrier is a life-saver, allowing you to get on with your day while also comforting your baby. And did you know babies who are carried cry less? If you haven’t purchased a baby carrier yet, be sure to check out our baby wrap carrier.

During the early days of breastfeeding, it is common to need a lot of nursing pads. This pack of 14 reusable nursing pads is the perfect start to protect your clothing from leaks. Being reusable, you only ever need to buy 1 – 2 packs, and these will last you throughout your whole breastfeeding journey. They also come in super cute prints

This one is a real lifesaver. Use this silicone breast pump and milk saver to place over your other breast while your baby is feeding, and catch all the milk that comes out that would otherwise end up on the inside of your nursing pad. This simple product allows you to build a stash of milk for the freezer for emergencies from the very beginning, without ever needing to touch a breast pump. These are also great for those who experience engorgement at the beginning of breastfeeding or throughout the breastfeeding journey.

Another soothing product for the perineum for use after birth. Spray this soothing spray over your perineum area to help soothe and promote healing after a vaginal birth. This spray is extra helpful if you had an episiotomy or a tear during birth. Be sure to pack some in your hospital bag so you can have it on hand right after birth when you need it the most.

I hope you loved reading about some of our brand-new products and collections. You can check out our new collections here:

And don’t forget to get your checklists here!

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