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First Mother’s Day Gift Ideas: Tips for new dads and partners

As a gifting specialist here at Baby and Mumma Gifts, I’ve got a few ideas for new dads and partners about what makes a good Fist Mother’s Day Gift for a new mum or mum-to-be.

If you’re a new mum or mum-to-be, make sure you share this post with your partner to give them the hint about what to do for you for your first Mother’s Day (and give them hints on how to support you on other days too!)

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A First Mother’s Day is a really special time for a new mum or mum-to-be. She will be very excited to spend the day with her family, especially with her brand-new bundle of joy. While the baby will still have no idea that it is a day different from any other, for the new dad, it’s a really important time for you to show her your appreciation for everything she does for the family. For this post, I’d like to share some ideas for gifts you can give to the special new mum in your life for her first Mother’s Day. The first half of the list are things you can do for her, while the second half are presents for first Mother’s Day.

1) Let her sleep in

Being a new mum can often mean sleep-deprivation, and getting up multiple times a night to feed a baby. A sleep in on weekends (or days when you aren’t working) will always be appreciated by a new mother, make sure it happens as long as possible on Mother’s Day. Take care of the baby for a few hours so the new mum can catch up on some much needed sleep, or just have some time to herself.

2) Make her favourite meal

If she loves a cooked breakfast, make her a cooked breakfast and bring it to her in bed. If there is a favourite take away food she likes, buy it for her. Or if there’s a dinner she can’t resist, make it for her. Taking the time to thoughtfully prepare meals for her is something that she will definitely appreciate. Plus, if she is breastfeeding or has recently given birth, she will be starving and need so many more calories each day. Keep her well fed each day.

3) Take pictures of her with the baby

So often it is mums taking pictures all the time of dads with their kids, but mums don’t get a lot of photos taken of them with their children. Take some beautiful candid shots of mum with the baby, just doing regular everyday things. Take care with the photos and make sure you get some where she is smiling and looking great.

4) Give her a few hours to herself

Some babies can be really demanding and like to be held all the time. If this is the case at your house, give mum a break and let her have some time to do something for just her. Take the baby out for a walk or an outing, and make sure she doesn’t spend the time cleaning or doing any other chores or baby related jobs. Make her a coffee or tea, get her some food, and get her favourite book out, or tell her to put her favourite show on. She will appreciate it more than you know.

5) Tell her she is a wonderful mother and she’s doing a great job

Do this on Mother’s Day and every day. Often mums can doubt themselves, or feel a lot of guilt for things we cannot help. Telling a new mum that she is doing a great job and that she is a great mum is something that will help boost her confidence, and help to get rid of the self-doubt that so many mums are plagued with. Having support all around her telling her she is doing a great job will really help.

Now comes to the part of the post I know you are looking forward to, gift ideas for First Mother’s Day for new mums and mums-to-be. As a new dad, you’re looking for something special that will show just how much you love and appreciate your partner and all she does for the family. So here are my favourite gift ideas from our Baby and Mumma Gifts First Mother’s Day Collection:

Just like the name suggests, this one is just for mum. It’s one of the hampers I created for new mums to help celebrate them and the beginning of their motherhood journey. It is perfect for a First Mother’s Day Gift as it includes pampering products for new mums, and things that will be appreciated by her every day. Included is: belly oil for stretch marks or C-section scars, postpartum healing bath soak for relaxation and healing after birth, a handmade scrunchie in cute designs, a scented candle, and a wheat bag for any aching muscles she might have from carting the baby around all day.

This gift has to also come with some time to use them. Run a beautiful warm bath for the new mum, and take care of the baby for her while she has some time to relax. You might like to bring her a glass of wine or cup of tea, and perhaps her favourite music or book, and give her time to soak. We have several bath soak varieties available for different stages. Our relaxation bath soak is always a favourite.

Our New Mum Gift Hamper is the one that started it all for us here at Baby and Mumma Gifts. Filled with glorious skincare, breastfeeding products, and pampering for new mums, this hamper is the perfect First Mother’s Day gift. She will appreciate and find use for each and every one of the beautiful products within, including Lactation biscuits, a scented candle, body lotion, belly balm, and a wheat bag. This is a sure fire way to show your care and appreciation

If the special new mum in your life is into essential oils, she will love these. Perfect for relaxation, as a perfume, or to help her take a break for a moment, our uplifting or calm essential oils make another wonderful First Mother’s Day Gift.

Give a touch of luxury with a delightful body scrub. When looking for products for this collection, I knew I wanted to have a beautiful scrub. Not long after I had my own second baby, I was given some beautiful skincare products, including a beautiful scrub like this. Using the beautifully scented body scrub in the shower while still at the hospital really helped me to feel like myself again, and to feel a little bit of luxury and self-care while recovering. We know the new mum in your life will love these as well.

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I hope you enjoyed this post! If you loved this post, I’d love for you to share it on socials, or tell a friend about it and help me get the word out about this beautiful business.



Author Bio:

Rachel Preston Broughton is a mum of two, and the owner of Baby and Mumma Gifts. All these posts are informed by Rachel’s own experiences of being a new mum, and reading endless books, blogs, and social media posts from other mums.

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