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Eight of cutest things babies learn in their first year:

Updated: Dec 19, 2021

Aren’t babies just amazing? I am just loving watching my little baby grow and learn new and amazing things all the time. At 10 months old, he is just beautiful and learning to do so many things himself. Here are five of my favourite things that babies learn throughout the first year.

  1. Smiling

Babies usually start to smile some time between 6 and 8 weeks of age. And isn’t that first smile just divine! There is nothing as special in this world as looking down to see your beautiful baby smile back at you. Smiling is a special way that babies communicate with their parents and show they recognise you. How beautiful!

2. Saying “mumma” and “dadda”

Babies learn to babble from around 6 months of age, and if you’re lucky, they will start saying “mumma” and “dadda”. Although at this young age they don’t actually understand the words yet, it’s still pretty amazing that they can babble and produce so many different sounds, and every new mum and new dad love hearing the baby say their names!

3. Waving:

My little baby is learning to wave at the moment and goodness me it is adorable! He waves at his dad as he leaves for work in the morning, waves to his sister being dropped at kinder, and waves at every visitor and person we see. Isn’t it just the cutest! Waving is something that babies can imitate from their parents from a young age.

4. Laughing:

Need I say more? What is more special than hearing your baby laugh for the first time? Babies laugh at al sorts of things, my favourite is when they laugh at being tickled or when mum or dad pull a funny face. Laughing is yet another way that babies communicate with their parents. 5. Playing peek a boo:

Learning to play peek a boo is linked to object permanence, when babies learn that things exist even when they can’t see them. This happens around eight months old. Playing peek a boo is such fun, babies can smile, laugh and have a great time just watching you hide your face and then say “peek a boo” and reveal yourself.

6. Learning to crawl

I love watching a baby learn to crawl! Babies usually learn to crawl some time in the second half of their first year. Some babies do an adorable rock forward and backwards before learning to crawl properly. Some babies shuffle on their bottoms instead of crawling on all fours, and I’ve even heard of babies crawling backwards! How adorable!

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7. Playing with toys

It is a really special time when your baby finally starts to play with those adorable rattles, teddies and activity centres we buy for our babies. Babies explore these to find out what sound they make, what they feel like and what they taste like. It’s just so special to watch them start to play by themselves and start to make sense of their world. 8. Cuddles

This is my all time favourite. What is more special than a baby’s cuddles? Babies start to cuddle mum or dad back some time between six and twelve months of age. Babies and mums both love cuddles as much as each other! I think learning to cuddle back is just one of the most beautiful and amazing things your baby can learn. The first year is full of so many amazing firsts with your baby. Babies are just delightful and adorable, even though they are hard work! What is your favourite thing your baby learnt in their first year? share in the comments below. Looking for a perfect baby gift? Baby and Mumma Gifts have a gorgeous range of Baby hampers. Our range includes beautiful baby girl hampers in pink, and adorable blue baby boy hampers, as well as a range of grey unisex baby hampers. Check out our shop today.

Author: Rachel Preston Broughton Owner of Baby and Mumma Gifts and mother of two. Read more about Rachel and Baby and Mumma Gifts here.

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