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6 Non-boring baby shower games

Looking for extra fun, extra funny, and non-boring baby shower games? Look no further!

Googling lists of baby shower games might make a baby shower sound like a snooze-fest. But I promise you, there are heaps of non-boring baby shower games you can play that will have your guests in stiches with laughter and having a great time. While some mums-to-be might love having everyone guess the size of her belly, or guess the prices of baby items, you might be looking for something more fun, more racy, or just something that makes all the guests laugh! If you’re looking for fun and funny non-boring baby shower games, read on to see some of my favourite baby shower games that are sure to be a hit with all your guests!

If you want a full list of our fun baby shower games, check out our Baby Shower Planning Section, with our FREE printable baby shower game templates!

Check out these non-boring baby shower games:

1. Guess the chocolate in the nappy

This is perhaps the funniest of our non-boring baby shower games! Buy a few different types of chocolate bars, and a pack of nappies. Squash the chocolate bars into the nappies. Of course, the chocolate looks just like baby poop. When your guests arrive, have them come along and look at, smell, or even taste, the chocolate bars to guess which chocolate bar is which. You can imagine the laughs that happen when the guests see each other smell or taste the contents of a baby nappy! We all love chocolate, so you could give away a prize of the correct chocolate bar for the guests who get the answers right.

2. Guess the baby food flavour

Another fun baby shower game to play is the baby food flavour game. Head down the baby food isle of the supermarket, and buy some baby food jars or pouches in all different flavours. Buy a combination of sweet and savoury, and keep a lookout for the strangest and least tasty flavours you can find. On the day of the baby shower, remove the labels and line up the baby foods. Have the guests taste each of the baby foods and guess the flavours. You could even do this blindfolded for a bit of extra fun!

3. Bottle drinking races

If you have guests who love chugging down drinks, this game is your chance to show off your skills! Purchase a few baby bottles, the smaller sized bottle teats the better. On the day of the baby shower, fill your baby bottles with water or your drink of choice (I recommend non-alcoholic drinks so the mum-to-be can join in too!), and hand one to each of your participating guests. The guests then need to drink from the bottle and race to see who can finish first. You’ll find it’s actually very difficult and will take some special skills to drink from the bottle! This is a fun baby shower game for the rest of the guests to watch!

4. Porn or labour?

Do you know the difference between the face of an adult movie star and the face of a labouring woman? Your fun-loving guests might be surprised how similar they are! In this game, a whole lot of pictures show women with different facial expressions, and it is the job of the guests to guess which ones are made during porn, and which ones are made during labour! You can imagine all the laughs that would come up during this game! These game boards are available all over the internet, here is one I like.

5. Celebrity baby name game

Celebrities love naming their babies really crazy things! With this game, you start with a list of the strangest celebrity baby names. The guests then need to match the baby names to the celebrity parent they belong with.

You can find our list as part of our Free Printable Baby Shower Game Templates available here.

6. “My waters broke”

If you’re feeling athletic and love a bit of fun, this is the baby shower game for you. “My waters broke” involves a team relay race and some water balloons. Get your guests into teams of two or four, and give each team a water balloon. Guests need to hold their balloon between their legs and run (or walk!) a short relay – it only needs to be a few metres, and then pass their water balloon to their teammates, all without breaking the balloon. When anyone drops their balloon, they shout “my waters broke!” and are out. The winning team are the last ones with their balloon (their “waters”) still in tact.

If you want a full list of games and some FREE printable game templates, check out my baby shower planning guide here, and sign up for your free printable games.

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