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10 reasons our baby gift hampers make the perfect gift baby gift

As the owner and founder of Baby and Mumma Gifts, I think our baby gift hampers make the perfect gift. That’s why I created this whole brand! But if you, a potential customer, are wondering why one of our baby gift hampers make such a great gift, I’ve put together 10 reasons for you here in this blog post.

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Here are our top ten reasons why our baby gift hampers make the perfect gift.

1. Practicality

Each of our baby gift hampers include at least a few very practical items. Our most practical baby gift hamper is our Baby Essentials Hamper, which includes nappies, wipes, clothing, bibs, and other essential items for both mum and baby. Other gift hampers include other practical items such as zip jumpsuits, muslin wraps, baby skincare products, and blankets. Practical gifts are wonderful when thinking of a gift for new parents just after the birth of their baby. When giving something practical to new parents, you know you are giving something they will use every day, and something they will be thankful for.

2. Convenience

Purchasing a baby gift hamper is simple, quick, and easy. In addition to this, we take care of the selecting of the gifts, the wrapping, and the mailing. You can have the baby gift hamper mailed directly to the door of the new parents. This is especially convenient if you live far away, or if you are wanting to allow the new parents time alone with their baby before visiting. Sending a beautiful gift has never been more convenient.

3. Surprise

Everyone loves a surprise. For a new mum opening the door to receive a beautiful baby gift hamper, the surprise is wonderful! Our wonderful gift recipients tell us often about how wonderful the surprise of opening their gift hamper is. And the surprises don’t stop when they receive the gift box, the opening and discovering of all the beautiful inclusions, as well as reading the gift card to find out who it is from, all add to the beautiful surprise for the special new parents.

4. Something for mum as well

Unlike other baby gift hamper businesses, we love to include something for mum as well! It’s in our name, Baby AND Mumma Gifts. My favourite of all our collections are our mum and baby hampers, which allow you to gift something special for both new mum and baby. Some of our favourite products in the mum and baby collection include postpartum healing sitz bath soak, belly balm for those beautiful tummies, and Franjos Kitchen lactation biscuits. Including something for mum, as well as baby, is a beautiful way to show your love and care for the special new mother.

5. Quality

We love to create quality gift hampers with beautiful products. And we believe all new mums and babies deserve beautiful quality products. We haven’t skimped on quality, and we have carefully chosen beautiful brands, with wonderful products for new mums and babies. We have chosen natural and organic skincare products, organic bamboo clothing, as well as some wonderful handmade knits.

6. Australian brands

We love supporting Australian brands by including them in our hampers. We include hand-knitted products from South Australia, Australian designed and organic bamboo clothing from Purebaby, natural skincare from Aromababy, My Lilli Pilli, and the Physic Garden, all made in Australia, as well as many more beautiful small Australian brands. Many of our Australian brands are not available in other baby gift stores, and we know you will enjoy browsing them!

7. Unboxing experience

Along with the element of surprise, we know that new parents will love unboxing their new baby gift hamper. Each baby gift hamper is packaged into a beautiful hamper box, before being placed in a postage box for shipping. We love creating something beautiful that will add to the unboxing experience for the lovely new parents in your life.

8. Personalised handwritten card

We handwrite all our cards with special messages from you. You can include a beautiful message in your card to show your love, support, and congratulations to the new parents, and we will record it all into a gift card for you.

9. Quick dispatch time

If you need your baby gift hamper in a hurry, we strive to ship all our baby gift hampers the next business day. This means they will be in the post quickly, and will arrive at the new parents door as quickly as possible. You can also select Express post to ensure that the gift arrives even sooner. For locals to Greater Shepparton, we offer next business day delivery, and we deliver directly to the door of the new parents.

10. Supporting local small business

Do you love supporting small local businesses? We are a small business based in regional Victoria, and we also love to support small businesses! When purchasing from us, not only will you be supporting our small, family operated business, but you will also be supporting all the other small businesses who supply us with our beautiful products.

So there you have it, there is a my list of the top 10 reasons why our Baby Gift Hampers make the perfect baby gift. We’d love to hear your questions, thoughts, comments and feedback!

Shop our baby gift hamper collections here:

Happy shopping. xxx

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