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Having an office baby shower? Here's what to buy as a gift

Our recommendations for office baby shower gifts

Office baby showers can be such a fun way to celebrate the pregnancy of a colleague or employee. For myself when I was pregnant and working in an office full of wonderful supportive colleagues, they put on a beautiful little morning tea for me to celebrate in my final week before maternity leave. I was so excited to put together something similar for my colleagues as well. Of course, the main objective of an office baby shower is to share your love, support and well wishes with the new mum-to-be, another important part of the office baby shower is the gift. As the gifting expert here at Baby and Mumma Gifts, and a mum to two, I’m here to share some of my favourite ideas for office baby shower gifts with you.


Before we get into the list, there are a few things to consider here. Firstly, think about the budget. Is everyone in the office contributing money towards the gift? Is the employer purchasing the gift on behalf of the team? Establish how much you will have to spend first. If you’re asking everyone to contribute, you can suggest an amount that you think is affordable and appropriate, and see how much you have in total, that way you can plan a beautiful gift. Some offices also ask everyone to bring their own small gift instead of everyone contributing to a large gift. Either way, think about how much you have to spend before getting started.

What do they need?

You also need to think about what the new mum-to-be actually needs. If she already has children, she might not need brand new jumpsuits and onesies, or baby blankets and wraps. She may have a stockpile of baby products, nappies, and clothing already started. Have a think about what items she is really in need of, and if you’re not sure, ask! It’s always great to ask and find out exactly what the new parents haven’t bought yet, and find out what they are going to find the most helpful and useful.

So lets get into the list! Here are our top ten gift ideas for office baby showers for every budget:

All of these items are linked and available to purchase on our website. Check out our Baby Gift Hamper section and our New Mum Hamper section to view the full range!


New Baby Hamper:

If you’re looking for a budget done-for-you option, the New Baby Hampers are for you. With three small but thoughtful gifts included, and packed into a gorgeous little hamper box, this baby hamper is sure to bring a smile to the new mum-to-be’s face. Included is a book, a romper, and a rattle, and prices start from only $65. Click here for the blue, pink, or grey version.


When you’re buying for a new mum-to-be who has everything, a gift for just her is an amazing option. So often, mums-to-be purchase everything for their babies and very little to take care of themselves. This is why I will always advocate for purchasing something for the new mum as well. You can check out our full range of gift hampers for just mums, or my personal favourite is the New Mum Gift Hamper here.


Welcome Baby Hamper:

Our Welcome Baby Hampers have consistently stayed on our bestsellers list since we opened our business two years ago. This is because these gifts are tried and tested and we know that new mums love them. I recommend the Welcome Baby Hampers to anyone who is having their first baby, or for anyone who is having their second or third (or more!) baby but of the opposite gender. The gorgeous items inside this hamper include a crochet blanket, a romper, bib, muslin wrap and rattle. Check out our blue, pink, or grey Welcome Baby Hampers.


When you’re not sure what to gift to the new mum-to-be in your office baby shower, I always recommend going for something practical. Nappies are the ultimate practical baby gift, as you know that they are something that will be used. Other wonderful practical gifts include wipes, baby skincare, and clothing. You can purchase these items separately in our store, or we have put them together for you into a gorgeous hamper, appropriately named the Practical Baby Hamper, check it out here.


Signature Mum and Baby Hamper:

This is the big one. When you have a lot of you contributing towards an office baby shower gift, or if you have a boss who was generous enough to give you a great budget for a gift, the Signature Mum and Baby Hampers are for you. These are our largest and most comprehensive of all our new mum and baby hampers. Inside these hampers are a variety of luxury products for both mum and baby, including a bunny plush toy, jumpsuit, book, baby skincare, teething ring, candle, lactation cookies, belly balm, and a bath soak. These baby hampers are so large and so full that they are sure to impress everyone and truly wow the special mum-to-be. Available here in blue, pink, or unisex


This one is special and has only just come back into stop. It’s a beautiful hamper that is created just to comfort the mum-to-be during her pregnancy. This is a great one for someone who is having a challenging pregnancy, or anyone who has to leave work early during their pregnancy. It’s a comforting and nourishing hamper that is designed just for pregnancy, and includes a pregnancy journal, bath soak, wheat bag and belly balm. It’s one of my favourite things to gift to new mums-to-be!


Individual items:

My list of recommendations so far has all focused on gift hampers. While our gift hampers are the real heart of our business, I am also happy to stock a whole range of beautiful individual items for mums and babies that also make wonderful gifts for office baby showers. Here are a few of my favourites:

Books make wonderful gifts. New parents are often given lots of information about how important it is to read to their children to support their language and literacy development, even from the newborn stage. I always recommend books as a baby shower gift, and this why I have included books in so many of our hampers. Check out our books section here.


Nappies make the ultimate practical gift. When you think the new mum has everything, you can always buy her nappies as these will always continue to be used. We love eco-friendly nappies, which is why I’ve chosen to stock Ecoriginals, Australia’s most eco-friendly nappies. You can purchase them here.


When you want to add something nice for the mum-to-be to any office baby shower gift, belly oil is a lovely addition. Belly oil is designed specially for new mums and mums to be to use for their bellies. Rubbing the oil on the belly is both helpful for the skin in preventing stretch marks and dry skin, but also it is something many mums-to-be enjoy doing to begin bonding with their baby. We love the Mama and Bird belly oil we have in stock!


Baby Growsuits, also called jumpsuits or onesies, make excellent gifts for your office baby shower! I will always recommend purchasing the type with zips, as these are much more practical and easy to use compared to anything that needs to go over the child’s head or anything with buttons. Most new mums dress their babies in these zip growsuits every single day in the early months. I love the Purebaby zip growsuits you can purchase here.


When you want something small to add, a rattle makes a great option. Rattles are adorable, and they will be some of the first toys the new baby will play with when they are very small. Babies enjoy rattles because of the sounds they make, the way they can manipulate them with their hands, and the sensory stimulation they can provide. Plus we think they are adorable. Rattles can be a great gift as they are small and budget friendly, you can also add them to any other gift you might have already purchased. Here are some of our cutest baby rattles.


I hope you enjoyed reading our list of gift recommendations for an office baby shower. As the gifting expert at Baby and Mumma Gifts, I love being able to share these recommendations with you, and love being part of the journey a new mum goes through when she has her baby. If you loved reading this article and want more recommendations, check out our blog page, or follow along on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok.


Author Bio:

Rachel Preston Broughton is the owner of Baby and Mumma Gifts. Rachel has spent the past two years carefully curating a range of beautiful and practical gifts and gift hampers for new mums and babies. Rachel has two beautiful children and loves writing blogs for this site.

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