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Birth and Postpartum: Our interview with Nurture Doula Tribe

This week I had the absolute pleasure of working with Tess from Nurture Doula Tribe. I asked Tess about all things birth and postpartum, and we shared in our passion for supporting new mothers during their postpartum period. I was also lucky enough to feature on the Doula Tribe Podcast. Listen to it here.

If you're a mum-to-be looking for help preparing for birth and postpartum, check out Tess's answers to our burning questions:

How do you recommend mums-to-be should prepare for their birth?

At Nurture Doula Tribe we think being aware of how women view birth is a big one. Working through any stigmas or outdated beliefs we have about birth and discovering where they come from is crucial, as we can then move forward and create the birth we desire. Preparing for birth could look like, being vocal on what kind of birth you envision, what support you may need for the birthing process, educating yourself so you can better understand birth.. working with a doula skips all the research and they provide you and your partner with all the details and evidence based information to guide you through your journey. You can also do courses such as Hypnobirthing (my recommendation is The positive a birth company digital one online), yoga, meditation etc to connect you closer to your baby.

How should they prepare for postpartum?

Preparing for postpartum could look like doing a postpartum checklist of duties you may do yourself at home but getting others to help you out by designating certain duties to well meaning friends/family who want to support you. Hiring a doula, cleaner, pet walker, nanny, etc. cook batches of food prior to birth so when baby is here food is the last thing you have to think of.

What should friends and loved ones do to support someone after they have their baby?

I like to say never come empty handed, bring food around for the mother, stay only 45mins, ask if she needs a coffee on the way, ask if they need anything from the grocery store, respect their wishes on what they do want and need also. Hold the baby while they have a shower. Offer to do some washing or dishes.

Are there any products you recommend for birth and postpartum?

For birth you just need heat packs, tens machine, essential oils (clary sage), and a Robozo or a large wrap to help with pressure. Optional is Homeopathic remedy’s by blissful herbs. Postpartum- high quality chocolate, Qiara probiotics for breastfeeding, Rite aid hydrogel discs,blissful herbs postpartum perineum pack. Roogenic Australia, Nursing Native Plant Tea, Franjos Kitchen lactation biscuits.

What do you think mums-to-be should put on their birth plan?

Whatever they envision their birth to look like, anything they don’t consent to or anything they do. Their dreams, hopes & wishes to create the birth they want. They need to be prepared for every scenario. We can do detailed birth plans with families and provide templates.

Can you tell us a little about your business and how you help mums?

My business was founded on seeing the gap in postpartum care in Shepparton. My goal is to help families feel supported and informed. When we support mothers to feel connected and confident in decisions around their birth it can really change their life and their child’s.

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